Starfinder: T-47 Goliath

Chris Van Deelen

T-47 Goliath Combatant CR 8 XP 4,800

Neutral large construct

Init +; Senses: Darkvision 60 ft., lowlight vision 60 ft.; Perception +16


Defense                                                             HP 125

EAC: 20; KAC: 22

Fort: +10; Ref: +8; Will: +5

Defensive Abilities: Hyper-Alloy combat chassis Immunities: construct, unliving



Speed: 30 ft.

Melee: Stomp +17 (3d6+20 B Crit knockdown)

Ranged: 2 Autocannons +16 (3d6+12 P Crit wound)

Space: 10 ft., Reach: 10 ft.

Offensive Abilities: Rocket barrage



Str +8; Dex +4; Con -; Int +0; Wis +0; Cha +0

Skills: Athletics +21, intimidate +16

Languages: None



Environment: Any

Organization: Solitary


Special Abilities

Detailed anatomy files (Ex): The T-47 has detailed files of humanoid anatomy. As a result, it automatically gains a damage bonus equal to half the unit’s CR rating (rounded down). Also anytime the T-47 gains a critical hit, any DC save increases by +2.

Hyper-Alloy combat chassis (Ex): The skeletal structure of the T-47 is constructed of a special alloy, making it very strong and resistant to damage. As a result, the T-47 gains a DR / - equal to its CR against all physical attacks. Furthermore, the T-47 gains a +2 to all Fort saves.

Rocket Barrage (Ex): As a standard action, the T-47 can launch two rockets. They have a range of 250 ft. and can fire over cover. The weapons have an explosive radius of 30 ft. and inflict 2d10+12 Fire damage. Anyone caught in the blast radius can make a Ref save (DC 16) for half damage. The unit has a total of 12 missiles it can launch before it needs to reload.


A fairly early version of the HK series, created after Skynet perfected the Terminator line, allowing them to walk like normal humanoids, the T-47 was one of the largest and deadliest units to be seen on the battlefield, next to the various HK tanks and aerial units.

The unit is massive, standing at 10 feet in height and weighing several tons. It is a front-line unit, but it is also used quite often to patrol sections of ruins and to keep watch over medium-value facilities. The unit walks on two legs, and where arms would be located on most other Terminator units, this one has a pair of autocannons, with belt-fed ammunition linked to the back and interior of the unit. It also has a pair of rocket launchers, which it can use against entrenched or enemy targets hiding behind cover.

In combat, the unit is pretty straight forward. It will use the cannons on any ranged targets, or the rockets against dug-in enemy targets, and it will kick or stomp with its huge legs. It is not fast enough to be able to make use of the trample that many other types of units employ, however.

The AI guiding the unit still has bugs to work out, as it does not know when to use cover itself, and often it will simply stand put, pounding on a location with rockets or with its autocannons in order to get at the enemy. And due to its low ground speed, it is not very good at long-range tracking or following targets. If something can move faster than it, the unit often relies on its rockets to hit the target at range.

Other Skynet units can co-ordinate their attacks with this monstrosity, and will often use it to pick off long-range targets, such as snipers or entrenched command and control posts. The T-47 will always obey other Skynet units when it comes to such tactics.

For the most part, these units are fairly rare, many having been destroyed during the early years of the conflict, and Skynet did not bother to replace them, as other units such as the T-800 – although costing a great deal more in resources – were far more battlefield effective.

They are still used, more for the sheer intimidation factor and the terror they can inflict on the moral of the resistance.


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