Starfinder: Resistance NVG's

Chris Van Deelen

Resistance NVG’s

Goggle version



Dark Vision Range


NVG ver. 1



60 ft.


NVG ver. 2



90 ft.

Skynet unit type, weapon identification, camera

NVG ver. 3



120 ft.

As above, but includes battle damage assessment of Skynet unit

NVG ver. 4



150 ft.

As above, but the user can ‘tag’ Skynet units, allowing all others using the goggles to see them, and gain a +2 equipment bonus to hit.



Based on the standard military NVG or night vision goggles, these have been heavily modified by the resistance in the war against Skynet. The early version uses infrared to scan the terrain, allowing the wearer to see in perfect darkness, while later models have been upgraded to have better sight distance, and also are able to see in the Ultraviolet spectrum. Version 2 and above allow the user to see even hidden Skynet units, highlighting them in white. Likewise version 2 and above can automatically identify Skynet units, and the weaponry they are using, while version 3 and above can also indicate the amount of damage a unit has sustained. Finally version 4 can send data to all earlier versions of the NVG, giving the wearer a bonus to their attack rolls against Skynet units.

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