The Oddities Archive

William T. Thrasher
Someone has a thing for bones.

Since February 2014, beginning with Clint Staples' classic Oddities for a Creepy Old House, d-Infinity has been presenting an ever growing, ever evolving array of tables to assist GMs in rolling up random items, encounters, and anomalies for the kind of environments adventurers so often find themselves in. In recent months. these articles have grown so numerous they now necessitate an archive of their own, curated by yours truly. Below you will find an index of every Oddities article found on this site, updated accordingly as new tables come into being.

Oddities for a...

Abandoned Mall

Abandoned Well

Alchemist's Laboratory

Ancient Ruin

Ancient Pyramid

Ancient Tomb



Cabin in the Woods

Candy Store

Chaotic Mutation

City Sewers

Creepy Old House

Cryogenic Chamber


Enchanted Forrest

Fantasy Feast



Hung Stocking

Malfunctioning Robot


Old Observatory

Picked Pocket

Post-apocalyptic Wasteland

Potion Bottle

Sailing Ship

Sci-Fi Saloon



Thieves' Guild

Treasure Hoard


Wizard's Bookshelf

Wizard's Tower

And an Oddities bonus track, a table of 100 Strange Texts & Forgotten Tomes!