Oddities found in a Trunk

Chris Van Deelen

Oddities found in a Trunk!

Following in the footsteps of the various oddities series, this covers what one might discover in the trunk of a car (or glove-box, under a seat, you name it).

Although this is intended to be used in a modern setting, it can also be used in many different post-apocalyptic settings. With a little tweaking of the entries, it could easily be converted to be used in a science-fiction campaign.

Several of the entries include a value. I purposefully left this blank as the GM could instead use their own currency, such as dollars, credits, peso, you name it.

  1. A bag filled with empty aluminum cans, plastic bottles, empty milk cartons and other recyclables. Roll 6d10 to determine the total quantity found.
  2. 1d8 fast-food restaurant bags, with 1d6x10% of the bags still containing food in various states of decay.
  3. A human foot, either fresh or rotted away to bones. 10% chance it is still inside a shoe or boot.
  4. A small caliber pistol, 50% chance that it is unloaded.
  5. 4d6 random comic books.
  6. A briefcase that is empty, except for a single piece of paper with an address, and a skull and crossbones drawn upon it.
  7. 1d6 unused condoms.
  8. The trunk (or other area) is filled with rich, moist soil, which includes worms and even small insects.
  9. 1d6 bags of groceries.
  10. A Halloween costume.
  11. 5d12 loose rounds of large caliber ammunition.
  12. A crossbow
  13. 1d3 Holy books (the bible, Quran, etc.)
  14. A colony of 6d6 mice.
  15. A canister filled with either legal or illegal drugs (marijuana being the most common). 25% chance of the drug being something far more illegal, such as cocaine. Roll 1d20x10 for dollar value of semi-illegal drug, or 3d4x100 for highly illegal narcotic. There is a flat 30% the owner might come looking for it.
  16. A child’s drawing of their family.
  17. An engraved zippo lighter with the phrase – ‘kill them all and let god sort them out’.
  18. A parachute.
  19. An expensive watch – gold banded with diamonds in place of the numbers. Roll 2d6x1000 for value.
  20. A marriage license.
  21. Unused tickets to a movie from twenty years ago.
  22. A paper bag full of cheap souvenirs from a local sports team.  A metal ruler with the team schedule, 1d4 small banners, 2d6 small baseball bats, 1d6 shot glasses and 1d3 Bobble heads of the team captains.
  23. A small caliber rifle with the original sight ground off and new telescopic sights welded on the top, and 4d6 rounds of ammunition.
  24. A national park passport book with eight years of stamps in it.
  25. A dirty sweatshirt and pants
  26. 3d4 used condoms!
  27. An 8-track cassette player with 4d6 still functioning 8-tracks
  28. 5d12 random CD’s.
  29. A flash drive with the initials TS on it. As soon as it is plugged into a computer, the flash-drive catches fire.
  30. 5d6 photos of a naked man or woman (50%) of the time. Face is never visible, and they are always in compromising positions.
  31. 1d6 coloring books, 50% each has been used, or is partially used. 4d20 crayons or pencil crayons of different colors.
  32. A Steering Wheel lock. 50% chance the key is still in it.
  33. 1d8 cans of beer.
  34. A tire boot, forcibly removed from another vehicle.
  35. A piece of paper with the phrase ‘I hate you’ written over and over again, until it covers both sides.
  36. 4d6 Polaroids (yes, Polaroids!) of various pieces of bondage gear.
  37. A box of oil to be used in the hair. Contains 1d12 six ounce bottles.
  38. 3d20 watermelons.
  39. A small shark in a cooler filled with water.
  40. A naked woman, bound and gagged. 01-20 she is awake, 21-40 chance she is unconscious, 41-60 chance she is dead, 61-80 she is wounded and needs immediate help, 81-00% she is an undercover cop trying to make a bust. You’ve got some explaining to do.
  41. A unicycle.
  42. Scuba suit, 1d4 air-tanks (25% each is full), a spear gun with 2d4 spears, fins, weight belt and 1d3 diving computers. 5% chance of there being an underwater digital camera.
  43. 1d6 one pound cans of imported gourmet coffee. 01-25 each can is empty, 26-50 filled with rich coffee, 51-75 empty, 76-00 filled with either ashes, or 10d100 in small change.
  44. 1d6 Pink Flamingos and 2d4 garden Gnomes
  45. A box filled with dentistry instruments.
  46. 2d8 cans of high potency energy drinks (25% each is empty)
  47. A ballistic vest. 50% chance there are 1d3 flattened bullets still stuck to one of the plates.
  48. An Alien skull (choose the movie).
  49. An ORGANIC alien skull.
  50. A bikini, still wet.
  51. A ball gag.
  52. A bag pipe and a Scottish kilt.
  53. A mannequin. 50/50 male or female.
  54. 1d12 wigs of various color and size.
  55. 4d6 desiccated apples and 1 shrunken head (50% chance fake, 50% chance real!)
  56. A pair of nunchaku with dried blood and bits of hair still stuck to it.
  57. An eagle’s claw holding an amethyst in a gold chain (worth 3d4x100).
  58. 1d6 Random plushies.
  59. 1d6 stuffed animals (formerly living animals!)
  60. A very pissed off wolverine!
  61. 1d6 animatronic skeletons, only 6 inches in height. Battery charged and they will dance for 1d10x10 minutes before the battery runs dry.
  62. 2d6 Romance novels with the ‘beefcake’ covers
  63. 1 incomplete script for Independence day 2 (or another blockbuster). 95% chance it is terrible, 5% chance the writer has a good idea.
  64. 2d6 pieces of high-end lingerie, worth 1d20x10 each.
  65. A live skunk!
  66. A tool box filled with tools. 35% low quality, 55% average quality, 10% mastercraft ™ tools.
  67. A Doctor Who Tardis model. 1% chance it really IS bigger on the inside.
  68. A tablet filled with 4d100 books, 10d100 songs. The ‘store’ also has 1d10x20 value in credit to be used.
  69. 4d8 random McDonalds happy meal toys. Worth 4d12 cash.
  70. A drunk and stoned dwarf, sleeping. Could be a REAL dwarf, depending on the campaign!
  71. 2d6 used diapers.
  72. Two naked teenagers, tied up and gaged and positioned in a VERY compromising position.
  73. 1 laptop computer. Old, decrepit and 1d12 years out of date. 50%  chance it contains personal information on a powerful, public figure who does not want this to get out to the public.
  74. A music recording contract, unsigned, worth 5d100x100,000 (assuming you can sing).
  75. A letter from the year 2047, including postmarks, addresses and the like. The page is blank, although faint traces of circuitry can be seen and the paper cannot be torn, burned etc.
  76. A musical instrument unlike anything you’ve seen before.
  77. A bottle of clear liquid and a flash-drive. The drive has a single text file, with an address and schedule of work hours. Instructions are to place the contents of the bottle into any container which has any sort of beverage found at the residence.
  78. A safety deposit box key at a bank located in New York City (or any other major metropolis).
  79. A old VHS tape with the words ‘our wedding, April 1st, 1999)
  80. 1 cooler. The interior contains the something organic. 01-20: 2d20 canisters of donated sperm, 21-40 a randomly determined human organ, typically a heart or liver, 41-60 a single leathery egg, 61-80 4d12 packets of O-negative blood, 81-90 a severed human head, when the lid is opened, the eyes snap open and it begins to silently scream, 91-00 some sort of grey goo that moves and appears to be alive – and hungry.
  81. 1 Fully automatic assault rifle used in paint-ball games, plus 1d12 boxes of 100 rounds of red, blue and white paint balls. Also contains a suit of paintball armor, helmet, goggles and gloves.
  82. A salmon flopping around in the front seat. Everything is wet!
  83. A world War II Nazi SS uniform, including jackboots, medals and a fully loaded Ruger handgun. 1d100 various Nazi propaganda leaflets and a copy of Mein Kampf are also present.
  84. A baggie filled with coarse, brown fur. Written on the outside in permanent marker are the words –Sasquatch lives!
  85. A pair of night-vision goggles.
  86. A live chicken has made a nest and has laid 1d6 eggs.
  87. 2d4 tubes, each containing an original oil painting. Museum quality, each is worth 3d10x10,000.
  88. A bullet-proof leather trench-coat, a leather wide-brimmed hat, a pentagram, a single leather glove, a bracelet with small shields attached, two twisted rings of metal, and a 2 meter long, beautifully engraved and polished staff. The symbols appear to be arcane in nature.
  89. Two canisters of 35mm film. The original Star Wars before Lucas decided to re-edit it.
  90. An autographed picture of ‘Rowdy Roddy Piper’. On it is written ‘to (insert name here) - I’m all out of bubblegum!’
  91. A complete collection of Jonathan Maberry’s novels, all first edition, all autographed.
  92. A 3D printer, with a flash-drive containing schematics for building plastic handguns.
  93. A gold and platinum plated fountain pen, containing a thick viscous fluid which is NOT ink. The pen itself is worth 1d12x100.
  94. A box containing a set of six Jackie Chan figures, all dressed in Hong Kong police uniforms, and a ¼ scale figure of Jet Li.
  95. 3d3 urns filled with ashes. The names of the deceased, including date of birth and death, are engraved in gold on the outside.
  96. A box containing a single mummified dragon, about the size of a human hand. A little card says ‘found in Tibet, January 7th, 1907’
  97. A stack of hand-written tests, about half marked, all to do with social studies.
  98. A blue-print of the downtown core, showing all the maintenance tunnels, sewers, water and gas mains. A single building has been circled many times in red ink and there are X’s covering various power-junctures and entry points.
  99. A picture of a very beautiful young woman, used as a bookmark for a strange book. The book itself looks to be ancient, and has a cover made of leather. The interior is filled with undecipherable text and dozens of very disturbing images of alien beings. On the back of the picture are the words ‘you will be mine!’
  100. A smoldering skeleton. The stench of burned meat is overpowering, and yet there is no sign of fire damage to the interior of the car. Even the seat beneath the still-smoldering skeleton is cool to the touch.