Oddities for a Forge

William T. Thrasher
Strike it like it's hot!

The roar of a smelting furnace, the bang of hammer on metal, the white-hot blaze of the forging fire! These are only a few of the things one finds in a forgeworkds, smithy, or ironmonger's workshop. However, they are common things, and at d-Infinity we do not concern ourselves with common things. We concern ourselves with Oddities, the unique, unusual, and inspiring novelties upon which characters and campaigns turn. Now the minds behind 100 Oddities for a Sewer and 100 Oddities for an Egyptian Tomb turn our attention to a new ever growing, ever evolving list of strange items, encounters, and oddments found in and around the forge, be it a common blacksmiths workshop of the foundry of a venerable Dwarf Clanhold! You can use the table below to add flavor and possibility to forges in your own campaign and contribute oddities of your own. How long will it take us to mint 100 unique entries? Only time and the golds of forge and fire can tell!

1. A disused smelter. Jutting from the fused aloy at its bottom are 2d6x half-melted steel weapons. There is a 10% chance any given weapon bares a random enchatment that will be transfered to any weapon forged from the aloy.

2. A salamandr slumbers among the coal of the forge furnace. When offered rare earths or sweet sulphur and magnesium powder, the salamander fires the forge with the heat of a newborn star. There is a 50% chance the salamander is bound to the furnace againt its will.

3. A copper quench tank containing a mix of water, rare oils, and alchemical brine. Anything dunked in the tank is flash-frozen to the temporature if a biting wind that howls in the arctic midnight.

4. 1d6x horseshoes of uncommon size and shape. Roll X to determine the creature they are meant to shod: 1 - Destrier; 2 - Nightmare; 3 - Hippogriph; 4 - Centaur; 5 - Sleipnir; 6 - Death's Pale Horse.

5. A seemingly simple puzzle made from interlocking hoops, twists, and hooks or iron. There puzzle is mundane, but just complex enough that all devils, vampires, and bards are compelled to solve it or die trying when presented with the challenge.

6. 1d6x rings with open settings awaiting precious gems. Roll on the Metal Composition sub-table to determine from what substance the rings were forged.

7. A mold for making sling ammunition. The mold can produce up to six bullets in one casting. Within the mold are 1d6 cooling pig iron bullets, each one containing a precious jewel at its core.

8. A locked cabinet, warm to the touch. Within the cabinet are 1d6x enchanted bottles, each one containing a preserved flame taken from the fires of a different hell.

9. A copper flute, covered in soott sticking out of a coal sack. Whenever a note is played upon the flute, the nearest lump of coal hops to the floor and rolls into the nearest furnace.

10. An iron ingot baring the seal of a mad dwarf queen who was burried alive in her clan's mousoleum a century ago.

And that's only the begining! Check back frequently as your favorite d-Infinity contributers add to our table of oddities for a forge, and add a few of your own in the comments if you are so inclined!