Oddities for a Fantasy Menu!

Clint Staples

Will Thrasher's list of pie fillings got me to thinking about the utility of a list of fantasy dishes. So here is a board of fare for the Orc barbarian, gnome rogue and elven sorcerer at the corner table. Feel free to add your own:

[Art is by Kazuya Takahashi]


1. Dire boar with raisins and cloves

2. Hart in a white wine reduction

3.  Tarts of Brie, selkie and sea anemone

4, Questing Beast and quince pie

5. Purple Worm in aspic

6. Spicy giant cricket buns, steamed over volcanic vents in the Kobold fashion

7. Hippogriff Tartar with Devil Sauce

8.  Roast of Drake, with underworld mushrooms and garlic

9. Smoked Skybull drumsticks

10. Deep-Fried Dryad Fingers with a creamy dipping sauce

11. Pegasus Steaks - rare

12. Hippocampus tacos with sea cucumber kimchee

13. Ceviche of Fire Beetle in Gelatinous Cube Acid

14. Roasted Seedling Ent and root vegetables

15. Smoked Triceratops Ribs in Dragon's Breath barbeque sauce

16. Giant Wasp, skewered and flame seared

17. Landshark Liver and onions

18. Peppered Giant Red Elk skewers with baby onions

19. Cheesy Giant Frog's Legs

20. Giant Mushroom caps stuffed with a mince of hydra kidney, garlic and asafoetida