Oddities for a Candy Store

William T. Thrasher

An adventurer in a dungeon is a lot like a kid in a candy store in that they'll take everything they want and anything in their way will be lucky to get out alive. But let's switch it up and put the adventurer's in a candy store with a new table of oddities perfect for sweet shops, chocolate factories, and test kitchens.

01. Chewing gum. The gum will chew your tongue until there is nothing left but a bloody stump.

02. Pow Rocks. Granular fruit flavored candy that literally explodes in your mouth. Eaters often make a game of seeing who can keep the candy in their mouth longest before spitting it out to avoid the explosion.

03. Whenever someone in the candy shop does something illegal, immoral, or impolite, 2d6 orange-skinned halflings scurry in from the shadows and sing a judgmental song about it, vanishing afterwards as quickly as they arrived.

04. An human being covered from head to toe in boiled sweet, petrified and imprisoned in the form of a giant lozenge.

05. A dire gummi-bear prowling the store looking for honey drops and Swedish fish. It is highly territorial and sees all regular-sized gummi-bears as it's cubs.

06. A large candy cane the size of a walking stick. This is in fact a candy cane sword concealing a deadly blade beneath its candy shell.

07. A chocolate elemental and peanut butter elemental locked in a death struggle.

08. A bottle of flavor additive, a single drop of which makes anything taste like cherries.

09. A comically large lollipop with a red-and-white spiral pattern. The candy swirl is hypnotic, the lollipop is intelligent, and it wants you to obey, Obey, OBEY!

10. A display case containing a licorice candies, a licorice whip, a licorice bullwhip, and a licorice cat-o-nine-tails.

And those are only the first treats in our bag of tricks. Check back in the coming days as your favorite d-Infinity contributors add to this list, and if inspiration takes you, post your own. How long until we reach 100 oddities?