Oddities for an Enchanted Forest

William T. Thrasher
I plan to dance to the pipes of Pan.

We've stolen horses from the stables and gorged ourselves full to bursting at the fantasy feast, and now it's time to venture forth into the wilds for a new adventure! Join us now for a new ever growing, ever evolving list of random encounters, items, and happenings for an enchanted forest. Whether your heroes are venturing into the deepest woods, a druid's sacred grove, or the wylds of the Fairy Realm, you can use the table below to roll up unique oddities to enhance your game and keep your players on their toes.

01. A hunter, deep asleep leaning against the mossy tree, a rusty musket laying across his lap. The hunter has been in an enchanted sleep for 1d100x years. If disturbed, he may awaken.

02. An ancient stone circle of the type favored by druids. The circle consists of 4d6 standing stones. However, one of the standing stones is actually a disguised stone giant charged with protecting the circle. The giant will attack any who attempts to desecrate or  misuse the power of the circle and is favorably predisposed to druids and rangers. After the party leaves the stone circle, the giant will stealthily follow them for a time.

03. Two ash trees have grown together to form an intricate natural archway. There is an equal chance the archway is an unlikely but mundane phenomenon, a magical gateway to/from the fairy realm, the door to an ancient druid's extradimensional lair, or a trap set by giant plant monster.

04. A waterfall cascades over the stones of a steep escarpment. However, some strange magic causes the waterfall to cascade upwards! If the course of the water is followed in either direction, roll for another oddity wherever the river begins or ends.

05. An ancient sleeping demon pinned to an oak tree by a consecrated arrow. The magic of the arrow and tree keeps the fiend dormant and contains its power. If roused, the demon seeks to escape, though it is powerless to do so itself. The demon knows many of the forest's secrets.

06. A thick fog rolls in, blanketing 1d6x square miles of forest. The fog last 1d4 hours before rolling away. The fog is so thick it limits visibility to 5+2d10 feet. Additionally, fish swim through the fog as it it were murky lake water.

07. A flying castle has fallen from the sky, scarring the forest with its ruins. If the ruins are searched, consult the Wizard's Tower and Wizard's Library oddity tables. The castle's immortal master is buried somewhere in the ruins.

08. A massive elk silently moves between the trees. The elk is easily twice the size of the largest elk any of the adventurers have ever seen, with moss-covered antlers where several birds nest and one beehive hangs. The beast is so large it should be impossible for it to move as effortlessly as it does in the thick forest. This divine being's heart possesses one of the following qualities: consuming the heart makes one immortal, burying the heart causes an old-growth forest to spring up overnight, the blood of the heart is a poison that can slay a god, placing the heart within one's breast grants mastery over all wild animals.

09. 1d6x animals sit around a tree stump, sipping nectar from large blossoms like sophisticated ladies and gentlemen at a tea party. The animals chat amongst themselves in their various languages.

10. The caern of a long-dead hero of the wilds stands proudly in an glade lit by moonlight despite the actual time of day. If the caern is disturbed, the stones animate and take the form of an earth elemental charged with protecting the hero's remains until such time as he is needed to defend the wilds once more.

And that's only the beginning! Check back as we add new oddities to this list, and post your own. Can we make it to 100 unique oddities within a week?