Oddities for a Picked Pocket

William T. Thrasher

From rogues to the righteous, adventurers spend a lot of time with their hands in other people's pockets, and that makes pockets a perfect place to hide all new oddities! Whether your heroes are picking the pockets of a nobleman or riffling through the pants of a defeated foe, just roll on the table below to see what unusual objects and encounters they find.

1. The pocket is the entrance to an extradimentional space containing the demonic servitor of whoever wears the pants. The demon is aware the hand reaching into the space isn't that of its master, so it attacks!

2. 1d6 finger bones and a pinch of grave soil.

3. A heavy iron key. There is an equal chance the key is for a guildhall, shop, private residence, temple, government building, or vault.

4. A rat, equal chance alive, dead, or undead.

5. A crystal phial labeled "Potion of Health". There is an equal chance the bottle contains sugar water or poison.

6. A finely crafted silver snuff box. There is an equal chance the box contains snuff, powdered diamond, poison dust, powdered bone, pollen of the black lotus, or is empty.

7. An armed mousetrap meant to discourage pickpockets.

8. A scandalous love letter from a noble, cleric, guildmaster, or pirate.

9. An uncut onyx gemstone the size of a cat's eye. The gem glows with an eerie purple light on moonless nights.

10. A letter of introduction to an upstanding guild establishing the carriers bona fides. Equal chance the letter is meant for the alchemist, mercenary, smith, jeweler, physician, or ratcatcher guild.

11. 1d10x copper coins, all counterfeit.

12. Half a loaf of bread and a slice of sour cheese wrapped in wax paper. Written on the inside of the wax paper is a single squiggly line. When laid over a map of the city, the line shows a secret passage through the sewers connecting the basement of an old cobbler's shop to the basement of the local treasury.

13. A small silver whistle that produces pleasant tones, but can shatter glass when played at just the right pitch.

14. A chicken egg with a smiling face drawn on it with octopus ink.

15. A small silver golem that can stand comfortably in the palm of an open hand. The golem is a personal assistant and day planner, helping the owner manage affairs and keep appointments.

And that's only the beginning! Check back in the coming days as we add additional oddities, and feel free to post your own. How long will it take to reach 100 original oddities?