Oddities for a Farm

William T. Thrasher
Care to take a walk between the rows?

Farms appear in stories and games from adventure to horror. For every idealistic youth who toils in the fields but is destined to be a legendary hero their is a degenerate rural community where inbred locals practice forbidden rites and turn outsiders into homemade meat pies. With that in mind, the unchained minds behind Oddities for a Battlefield and Oddities for a Wizard's Library present a new ever growing, ever evolving list of oddities for a farm!

1. An old family graveyard, worn tombstones visible through choking weeds. At night the spirits of the departed arise and tend to the animals and the fields. Should the family sell the farm or dishonor their ancient pact with the land, the dead burst forth as shambling zombies to take their revenge.

2. A bull with strangely intelligent eyes regards the adventurers from its field. If it or its harem of cows are threatened, and transforms into a raging Minotaur.

3. Rich aromas waft from an old smokehouse. There is an equal chance each the smokehouse contains curing beef, lamb, human meat, or a chained prisoner being saved for later.

4. A raggedy scarecrow stands watch over a field of grain. No matter where one stands in relation to the field, the scarecrow is always facing the observer.

5. A rusty plow lays at the edge of a field of barley. The plowshare was once a legendary sword of great power. Though it is retired, it pines for battle and glory once more.

6. An alchemist has carelessly dumped his workshop's waste at the edge of the far. The contamination has cause one of the following effects: monstrous vegetables, cows that produce potions instead of milk, or sheep with wool made from steel.

7. Clothes hang drying on a line, from children's clothes to overalls to aprons to horse blankets. Anyone who puts on an item of clothing will immediately take on the personality and skill set of its intended wearer.

8. A giant earthworm almost a mile long lazily works its way through the soul beneath the farm. It's movements cause occasional mild tremors, but the soil is the richest in the region.

9. Two farmhands can be heard arguing in the distance about who will court the farmer's daughter. If sighted, the source of the argument proves to be a single farmhand with two heads.

10. A perfectly normal-looking fence encircles a garden, field, or farmhouse yard. If anyone tells a joke, makes a pun, or otherwise does something humorous within 5 feet of the fence, one of the fence slats pivots forward, whacking the comedian on the rump.

And that's only the beginning. Check back for new entries, and add entries of your own if inspiration takes you. How quickly can we reach 100 original entries?