Oddities for a Potion Bottle

William T. Thrasher

Not too long ago we put a new spin on our classic Oddities series with Strange Texts & Forgotten Tomes, a table of unique books and scrolls that wouldn't be out of place on a wizard's bookshelf. With the success of Oddities for an Alchemist's Laboratory, it was only a matter of time before we turned out imaginations to a class of items from said environment. With that in mind we bring you an all new ever growing ever evolving table of unique potions. Some rare, some volatile, all odd and just the thing to add flavor to an alchemist NPC, item shop, or loot list!

  1. Tincture of Coiffure - This elegant bottle contains light blue liquid and a single human hair. The consumers hair is instantly transformed into a stylish new do, the hair growing or receding and changing color to match current trends.
  2. Essence of Uncommon Tongue - This simple brown glass bottle is stamped with the phrase "Speak, friend" in a humanoid language. Roll 1d10 to determine the language: 1) Draconic, 2) Dwarven, 3) Elven, 4) Giant, 5) Gnome, 6) Goblin, 7) Halfling, 8) Orc, 9) Sylvan, 10) Undercommon. The consumer gains fluency in the language in question for 1d6x hours. There is a 5% chance the bottle is mislabled. In which case, roll once to determine the language on the bottle and again to determine the language granted by the potion.
  3. Zugman's Remarkable Remedy - The foggy liquid in this clear bottle seems to perpetually fiizz, a small globule not unlike an egg yolk bobbing at it's center. The potion instantly cures hangovers, indigestion, the shakes, and any other unpleasant side effects caused by excessive consumption of strong drink, rich food, or recreational drugs. Thise still under the effects of said substances sober up seconds after the potion is consumed.
  4. Liquid Rope - This stoppered clay bottle contains a thick, gritty liquid the color of walnuts. When poured, the liquid transmutes into a sturdy length of rope. There is enough potion in the bottle to produce 10 x 1d10x feet of rope. The rope melts away after 2d6 hours.
  5. Antiodorant - This standard potion bottle contains a milky blue liquid. The consumer is rendered scentless for 1d6 hours after consumption and is impossible to track or identify by scent. During this period, no matter how much the imbiber sweats - or engages in less wholesome physical activities - they produce no odor.
  6. Extract of Quill - A transparent liquid the color and scent of roses, this potion comes in a bottle cast in the stylized image of a porcupine. Thick, sharp quills grow from the skin for 1d6 minutes after drinking. These quills grant a modicum of natural armor, and anyone making melee attacks against the drinker risks several painful jabs.
  7. Foamy Rising Drink - The blue liquid in this tall bottle has a perpetual head of foam. When consumed, the potion renders the drinker weightless for 1d4 hours. The drinker can end this effect early by expelling gas in the usual way.
  8. Aperturic Acid - This swirling yellow liquid is contained in a glass sphere with no opening. When thrown at a wall, ceiling, or floor, the glass shatters and the potion quickly dissolves a 10' hole into the target surface in less than a second.
  9. Urdwahl's Personal Hygienic - This elegant crystal bottle contains a opalescent liquid tasting of soap and rosewater. Consuming the potion has the same effect as a shower, shampoo, shave, and moisturizing.
  10. Spirit of Cardsharp - A clear liquid suspending gold flecks, this potion comes in a cube-like bottle resembling a standard gaming die. The consumer becomes an inexplicably adept gambler for 1d4x hours, which is fortunate as the consumer also becomes obsessed with games of skill and chance for 2d4x hours.

And that's only the beginning! Check back frequently as we add new potions and alchemical substances to the table. Add your own potions in the comments below! How quickly can we get to 100 original oddities?