Starfinder: Blood Plague

Chris Van Deelen

Blood Plague


Something has caused the virus that caused the Zombie Outbreak to mutate and evolve. This new version began to show up around six months after the initial outbreak occurred. It’s not as if the regular virus which turned people into the walking dead was bad enough – this plague made them far, far worse.

Regular zombies infected by the blood plague pass it on through physical contact, and the more damage the undead inflicts, the faster the plague will set and kill the victim. All undead infected with the blood plague have their remaining flesh turn a deep crimson, while whatever hair they had turns obsidian. Even the eyes glow a bright red, making them easy to spot in the darkness.

Once a victim has sustained physical damage from the undead, they must make a Fort save (DC based on the type of undead attacking them). If the save fails, then they have contracted the blood plague, and have only a short period of time before it kills them and turns them into a blood plague zombie.

This only affects actual hit-point damage. An attack that inflicts only stamina damage does not require a saving throw. However, every time the victim takes hit-point damage, they must immediately make another fort save. Each time they fail, the disease track moves forward by one category. After debilitated, the victim dies and rises as a blood-plague zombie in 1d3 rounds.

Blood Plague is special in the fact that once contracted, unless the victim has access to the actual cure, they will die within 2.5 hours. Even if the victim does not encounter further blood plague zombies, every 30 minutes the track automatically advances one step, until they die.

The effects of the plague can be held at bay by making a successful medical check, DC 15. This will prevent the plague from advancing one step, but this is only temporary. Instead of advancing every 30 minutes, it is instead every 12 hours.

The only way to cure blood plague is the actual cure, which requires medicine, chemicals and actual blood plague samples, which can be obtained from any infected zombie. In order to successfully harvest samples from such a creature, a medicine or life sciences check (DC 15) is required. If it is successful, then enough samples are harvested and the cure can be crafted. If the check fails, there are no useable tissue samples in the undead creature.

Crafting the cure requires medicine and chemicals worth 500 credits, and a sample. A successful medicine check is required (DC 12), and requires 30 minutes to produce one dose of cure. If the check fails, the chemicals and medicine can be used, but a new sample of the blood plague must be obtained.


Blood Plague

Healthy – latent – weakened – impaired – debilitated – dead


Blood Plague Template

Zombies with the Blood Plague template are infected with the Blood plague disease. Anytime they attack and inflict actual hit-point damage, the victim must make a Fort save (based on the CR rating of the creature), or become infected with the blood plague .

                Required Creature type: Undead, zombie

                Traits: Blood plague

Note that this is only for regular zombies. There are four other types of Blood plague zombie, which will have their own statistics: Screamer, Juggernaut, bloater and Feral.

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