Starfinder: Mincing throat apparatus

Chris Van Deelen

Mincing Throat Apparatus

System: Throat

Level: 5

Price: 7,500


The throat of the creature is heavily reinforced with metal sheathing and nanotubes, and has serrated shark-like metal teeth that are pointed downwards, forcing any food or hapless victim towards the creature’s stomach. To add insult to injury, the teeth whirl around the inside of the throat, cutting and slicing.  As such anything swallowed cannot attempt to climb free, and must make a Fortitude save (DC based on the CR of the creature), or suffer bleed damage equal to the number of dice damage inflicted, plus the bonus damage. So if the creature has a bite that causes 4d6+12, then the swallowed creature suffers 16 points bleed damage per round. This increases the swallow whole damage by 50%, and the KAC is normal, instead of decreased by -4 as stated in the rules.

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