Starfinder: Toxin Injection

Chris Van Deelen

Toxin Injection

System: (Natural weapons or implanted melee weapon)

Level: 5

Price: 5,000


This augmentation works by creating a toxin production pump, linked to any natural weapons. It can be used in conjunction with the natural weapon sheathing. The user must choose at the time of implantation what type of toxin will be generated. Changing the type of toxin requires re-implantation and will cost an additional 500 credits . In combat this augmentation will automatically inject the toxin upon a successful attack. Note that a critical hit will increase the DC of the toxin by +2. It is only good for a single attack, however, and takes 10 minutes to replenish the toxin. This can be linked to all natural attacks, and each one gets a single dose of the toxin, so if the user has, for example, a bite and two claws, each attack, once successful, will inject a dose of the toxin, which means that it can potentially inject up to three doses before it has to rest and replenish the doses.

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