Nuisance Spell Index

William T. Thrasher
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A little imagination is a dangerous thing, and at d-Infinity we love to live dangerously. In our fevered imaginings we've created an ever-growing list of unusual spells inspired by those that first appears in Nuisances, one of the flagship publications of our co-publishers at Skirmisher Publishing LLC. These unconventional, humorously themes spells exist to confound players, frustrate GMs, and otherwise insert the jagged edge of whimsy into your tabletop campaign. And from this day forward these spells and their associated systems will be compiled in this index for your convenience.

Nuisance Spells!

Bad Hair Ray (Pathfinder)

Badberry (Pathfinder)

Balance of Blood (Pathfinder)

Barnyard Blight (Pathfinder)

Break Object (Pathfinder)

Break Object (Runequest)

Busy Hand (Pathfinder)

Butterfingers (Pathfinder)

Butterfingers (RuneQuest)

Cater Party (Pathfinder)

Clown Shoes Curse (RuneQuest)

Clown Shoes Curse (Pathfinder)

Cork Touch (Pathfinder)

Curse of Rust (Pathfinder)

Curse of the Riddling Skull (Pathfinder)

Dehydrate Ooze (Pathfinder)

Dilute Potion (Pathfinder)

Disassemble​ (Pathfinder)

Donkey's Folly (Pathfinder)

Downgrade Weapon (Pathfinder)

Drunkard's Dream (Pathfinder)

Empty Calories (Pathfinder)

Flaming Shit Storm (OGL)

Flesh to Scone (Pathfinder)

Flesh to Scone (Runequest)

Gerbil's Frailty (Pathfinder)

Glitter Blast (Pathfinder)

Glitter Blast (Runequest)

Gohtyur's Nose (Pathfinder)

Heckle (Pathfinder)

Jam Door (Pathfinder)

Leyingman's Love Shack (OGL)

Magic Circle Against Clothes (Pathfinder)

Martyr's Touch (Pathfinder)

Metal to Rubber (Pathfinder)

Minor Haunting (Pathfinder)

Mute (Pathfinder)

Mute (Runequest)

Mystored's Conversation (Pathfinder)

Power Word Meh (Pathfinder)

Prismatic Spay (Pathfinder)

Rappel Insects (OGL)

Ray of Frosting (Pathfinder)

Ray Ray (Pathfinder)

Restless Sleep (Pathfinder)

Sit Boy! (Pathfinder)

Skeleton Frolic (Pathfinder)

Spawn Evil Duplicate (Pathfinder)

Sticky Fingers (Pathfinder)

Substitute Sound (Pathfinder)

Summon Clown (Pathfinder)

Termite Touch (Pathfinder)

Touch of Graffiti (Pathfinder)

Turkey's Gracelessness (Pathfinder)

Whip of Jellyfish (Pathfinder)

Whip Sword (Pathfinder)

Wood to Cork (RuneQuest)

Word of Curse (Pathfinder)

Zone of Lies (Pathfinder)

Check back for updates in the future as new spells are added.