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William T. Thrasher
I'd map that.

Ever since our live webcast on dungeon crawls we here at d-Infinity.net have been sharing hand drawn maps of dungeons, caverns, starships, and other adventuring environments. Now, you can find all of our free maps in one place with this handy index. Below you'll find links to all our maps as well as related articles like free adventures and environment write ups.

Free Maps

Badwart's Warren - Subterrainian lair of the corrupted gnoll warlord Badwart.

Cavern of the Charnel Cult - A sprawling cavern complex.

Chaos Gang Lair - The crumbling home of chaotic brigands.

Crimson Catacombs - A sepulchral labyrinth and cave combo.

Four Kings Sepulcre - A tomb for heroes and a place of remembrance.

Lair of the Deep Lord - A subterranean temple adjoining an underground river.

Live-Drawn Dungeon Map - The map that started it all!

Quad Map - Four maps in one.

Stars Down Cliffs - A scifi starship crashed into a fantasy cliff side.

Tomb of Interrupted Repose - A lower level of catacombs designed for use with the Four Kings Sepulcre

United Earth Rockets - Deckplans for two pulp scifi rocket ships.


Related Articles

Brightwater - An isometric map of the town of Brightwater for Runequest.

Cavern of the Charnel Cult - A full adventure for Runequest.

Map of the Nine Hells - A map of Hell inspired by the Divine Comedy.

Navigator's Map - A cartography spell for Pathfinder.