New Dungeon Map: Cavern of the Charnel Cult

William T. Thrasher
Get deep!

Welcome to the latest in d-Infinity's series of weekly hand-drawn dungeon maps! Last week we explored The Crimson Catacombs, and this week we're going deeper. As you may recall, the map for the crimson catacombs included a stretch of natural cavern. This week's map asks, "where does that cavern lead?" Turns out it leads into a cavern network used as the base of operations for a sinister cult lead by a charismatic cleric. Inspired by suggestions from d-Infinity's own Clint Staples, the cavern of the charnel cult includes vertical gradation, with chambers and passageways extending up and down into the living rock, steep ledges, and natural stone stairways. As always, this map is available above as a free PDF for use in your own campaign.

What kinds of maps do you want to see in future? What features to you want your players to find in the twisting corridors? Post your suggestions in the comments below and they just might show up in next week's map!