The d-Infinity Live! Dungeon Map

William T. Thrasher
I'd map that.

On last week's episode of d-Infinity Live our division of daft delvers talked dungeons crawls in all their cavernous glory. As a special feature for the webcast, I turned my hand at drawing a complete dungeon map live on the show containing features suggested by my co-hosts, including a sepulcher, and underground river, and stairs leading nowhere. It was an exciting challenge and a good test of speed and cartography. After the show I made a few touch ups, and you can see the finished map below.

But that's not all. If you'd like to get a more detailed look at the map, or want to use this dungeon as the setting for your own thrilling adventure, just download the PDF attached to this article. Permission is of course granted to print or photocopy the map for your own personal use. Good gaming, and look for this map to appear again on an episode of d-Infinity Plays!