Dungeon Crawls (d-Infinity Live! Series 7, Ep. 3)

Live on January 18th and 9pm EST

Can you believe we've been doing this show for 7 years and we've never covered the classic dungeon crawl? Neither can we! This week the deranged delvers into darkness at d-Infinity.net hire a torch barer, pack 50 feet of rope, and lay out a fresh sheet of graph paper as we take a look at the meat and potatoes of classic table top gaming, the dungeon crawl! What makes a good dungeon crawl? How do you design a good cave network? Do dungeons have an ecology all their own or are they just packed with whatever the resident necromancer fancied? All this, and your questions!

If you have any questions about dungeon crawls for our hosts to answer live on the air, post them in the comments!