Oddities On a Wizard's Bookshelf

Clint Staples

I started the ball rolling with D20 Oddities for a Creepy Old House. We churned out around d100 of those.

Will thrasher took the ball and ran with it, right into the Abandoned Observatory.

Well, apparently there was a well nearby, that Will fell in to, because now he has d-infinity Oddities for an Abandoned Well.

Since more is better, I have started 'Oddities On a Wizard's Bookshelf'. Of course there will be weird items there right? Feel free to add more in the same spirit. But there should also be a few books, so don't forget to include a few titles.

1. A minute, articulated model of an iron golem with blood-soaked bladed arms and eyes that glow like tiny embers.

2. Book: The Diverse Curiosities of the Cabinet of Dr. Argulio; A penny dreadfull, cheaply made and oft discarded. in which the curiosities, all preserved corpses of the infamous Dr. Argulio's extended family, rise up and take revenge on the titular character. Ghoulishly written in the first person by Dr. Argulio.

3. A layer of dust has settle over everything. When disturbed, it does not make one cough or sneeze, rather the person is rendered blind and mute for several minutes. You could allow a saving throw to avoid these effects, but where is the fun in that.

4. Book: Contessa Lucreatzia's Anti-Aging Formula, by Lucreatzia Donazetti. A chapbook with a cover image more common to books hidden in bower dressers out of embarrassment. Within, on pages of the finest white paper, are instructions for those who wish to make the transition to lichdom. Lucretzia Donazetti, wizard and lich, was well known in wizardly for her skill and sense of humor.

5. A scrip of green ribbon, sticking like a bookmark out of another volume on this list. It is attached to a piece of parchment that comes free fro the book when the ribbon is pulled, and ignites the person pulling the ribbon, doing fire damage for 1d4 turns, and possibly setting the poor unfortunate on fire. The fire does not, under any circumstances, travel to the book or books, which means that someone could beat the fires out with a book, doing 1 point of damage to the target with each strike.

6. Book: Mutato Mutandis: A Handbook for the Beginner. This book [blue manticore hide covered, on pages of finely tanned vellum] is a primer on the creation of artificial chimerae like the owlbear or the gryphon. This one has a special addendum, only available to the first 10 purchasers - the fabrication instructions for the infamous wolf-spider.

7. a scattering of silvery fish scales on the spines of several of the items in the shelf. More scales may be found on the floor, in a trail leading to a nearby wall, where they stop.

8. Book: Thralls to Darkness: a Study of the Gloom and Its Creatures, by Rigant of Valcaster. A collection of notes and once-loose pages bound into a fold of black snakeskin, detailing a plane known as The Gloom and its terrible denizens.

9. A false shelf, behind which are diverse supplies for the creation of potions, as well as several rare ingredients and a list. All the ingredients on the list are ticked off except the last one '______'.

10. Book: The Spirit Council; Thin silver covers, with pages thin as gossamer, the book weighs no more than few ounces. Contains a list of the main spiritlords, metaphysical creatures of the aether often associated with animal types or features geograhic or geologic, and the means to attract their attentions.