d-Infinity, Strange Texts, and Forgotten Tomes

Clint Staples

Since the next d-Infinity Live show has the subject 'Research' why not peruse, abuse and contribute to this list of faded folios, quizzical quartos, and obscure octavos. Here are a bunch I have created for past campaigns I have run. More to follow. But feel free to throw some on the fires of speculation you own selves.


Using these and other books in your campaign:


Many of these books could confer bonuses to appropriate skill checks, primarily knowledge related ones. It is possible that the book simply grants a permanent rank in such a skill, but more likely, the character should have access to the tome in question to gain the bonus. If you are the kind of GM that likes to keep a lid on this sort of thing, you can say that a character can only gain bonuses from up to three books for a particular roll and that they must:

A - have read the book in question.

B - spend 1d4 hours consulting the book with the current question in mind, before making the roll.


We have also left the language of these books out of the description so that you can more easily fit it into your campaign.



Before we begin, for your reference, here is the wikipedia page on bookbinding, which covers the very basics of the craft:




And now on to the list:



1. Travels in the Realm of Souls, by  Esir of Kettlewylde, knight-paladin and scholar who died a hero in the liberation of Wyvernwatch; vellum, bound in red-brown leather. An annotated list of spirits and small gods; refers to a companion volume, The Spirit Council, now lost. [Octavo, 1 lb.],


2. Lineage of Established Breeds, by Ystragonne zyr’Tholi, knight of House Calador, written several centuries ago, and dedicated to the first human Dragon-Knight, Mavor zyr’Drizant, of House Tirannon., Thin sheets of silver foil, bound in black manticore hide. Begins as a discussion of the lineages and breeds special to House Calador, but quickly digresses into a broader but less detailed study of the major breeds of the other Houses. Ystragonne wrote several other books on this and related subjects, to which he refers in this one. [Octavo, 8 lb.]


3. Thralls to Darkness, a Study of the Gloom and Its Creatures, by Rigant of Valcaster. A collection of notes and once-loose pages bound into a fold of black snakeskin. All the text is in the same hand, but no attempt has been made to order the sheets save for those which oviously follow one on the other. The pages have not even been trimmed to match, making for a ragged appearance. Sometimes contradictory, the book contains valuable details about the races which haunt the Gloom. Several sketches of creatures discussed, by a talented, if hurried hand. It is thought that the notes, though credited to Rigant, were compiled and bound by another. [Folio, 3 lbs].


4. Book of Shadow Binding – When opened the book levitates to comfortable reading height. A study of methods for binding or controlling Gloom creatures. Records several items or substances of use in repelling Gloom creatures. [Quarto, 6 lbs.]


Chronicle of Shadows – by Ajudin Tizal. Eldritch Locked – this book may only be opened by possession of the ‘key’ a code phrase, action, or set of circumstances that must exist for the book to be accessed. In this case, the set of circumstances is: on a moonless night, recite the name of the author’s demonic master. [Folio, 14 lbs],


5. Lesser Library of Lho-Tem - this collection of twenty black bound tomes is a compendium of information on all things related to demons and devils. In addition, a reader may ask a single question of the library and have it answered in exchange for the acceptance of a curse [See an upcoming d-Infinity list of Curses, or make your own commensurate with the significance of the question asked]. The library must be kept complete to function. Answers a question once per day, and weighs 40 lbs. Would pack into a 3 foot cube.


6. To Master Cold - Annath of Kurtyl – Cool to the touch, this slim tome with a white leather cover resembling snakeskin contains a detailed study of cold and its evocation. [Octavo, 3 lbs].


7. A Warrior's View - Galagar Thornspur, Marshal Hightower – Very knowledgeable, if cynical, overview of the politics of the Bay of Barons over a 16 year span ending 4 years ago. Red leather binding of vellum sheets [Quarto, 5 lbs].


8. Against the Undead - Gray covers with a flaming spear embossed on the spine, gray leaves with silver script. This book, is a series of notes, obviously ‘field research’ regarding methods of destroying various types of undead. It is incomplete, in that there are some known undead that are not covered herein.[Octavo, 4 lb.]


9. Brellin's Book of Shadows – by Brellin Storm of Shadow – Account of Brellin’s journey into the land of Shadows, her adventures there, and the power which she mastered – the magic of Shadow. The reader may consult the book for information on Shadows, the plane of their origin, or the Planes more generally. Folio, Black leather covers, black leaves without script. This book may only be read with the cating of a spell which allows the reading of magical script. [Quarto, 7 lbs].


10. Dragons and Magic - A Study-Tells of dragons as magical creatures, and the spells which may compel them, as well as spells commonly used by various types of dragons. Also a dictionary of Draconic terms and symbols. Purple cloth covers, vellum sheets [Quarto 11 lbs].


11. Great Compendium of Spell Components – About components used in spellcasting, and where to find them. Folio, Green leaves and herbs preserved into the form of a cover, pressed plant material leaves. The interior has similarly pressed versions of the plants and other items discussed, when possible. [Folio, 8 lbs].


12. Seeds, Cuttings, and Transplants: A Gardener’s Tome for All Seasons by Iwann. Green linen cover, parchment leaves. [Octavo, 2 lbs].


13. Treatise on the Use of the Pole-Axe in War by Count Avarkith IV. Blue leather cover with an Embossed war elephant crest, parchment pages, contains several lessons on the use of the pole-axe in battle. [Quarto, 6 lbs].


14. The Ninth Book of Allori, by Scithian of Aurunvor. Red slick leathery cover, black leaves of scaly hide, script is gold. The most famous commentary on the most famous (or infamous) series of works on the Elder Races.  Adds significantly to Allori’s work on the races of the Herratlonai Wastes; relies heavily on the reader having access to Allori’s lost works. [Folio, 13 lbs].


15. The Dragon and the Spell, Unknown. This blue leatherbound children’s book is a widely known favourite in the Bay of barons. The story is said to be from the time of the Titans and has been passed down for generations. This copy is richly illustrated with much use of magically enhances inks and dyes. The book opens with a finger touch to the front cover and a scintillating gold dragon flies out of the interior. [Octavo, 3 lbs].