Runequest Thursday #200 - Chaos Gang All Statted up!

Clint Staples

So it looks like I hit a milestone, having wrttten Runequest posts for 200 Thursdays over the last four years, starting on September 25, 2014, with this one that I didn't even number. Feel free to browse through any and all of them at your leisure, comment when something strikes you are interesting, fun or though-provoking. I respond to all the ones I see, but I confess that I don't see them all right away.

Since I am still GMing the Brightwater Company, and the occasional other RQ game, and I am still having fun with this, let's carry on for another hundred or two Thursdays and see where that gets us.

Last week, I wrote up a new Chaos Gang for use in The Big Rubble (or anywhere, really) - with no broos, because the published book has a number of broo gangs already. I used the system set out in 100 Oddities for a Chaotic Mutation to create the Chaos Gang, and wrote some background tying them all together and giving them a locale they like to haunt.

Today, I have them all statted up and ready to waylay. Although this post is not very verbose, writing up all the gang members took a while. I look forward to inflicting them on some folks - and you should too!

Rather than post them into the article, I have attached them as pdfs, so that they are easier to download and play. By way of explanation, Gargaras sheet includes the stablock for Scarlet, his mutated  Lunar Panther. Illshadow's sheet includes the statblock for her mount, the mutated unicorn, Tirgas. Overall, this is a pretty tough gang, and could certainly challenge, even TPK an experienced group of Rubble adventurers (even a group with a rune level or two). So Game Masters be warned. If you want to make them even tougher, they might have allied temporarily with some scorpionids, or ogres.

Check back next week for a map of their lair and the loot they have collected so far. Maybe another tidbit or too.