A Regular Runequest Article - Every Thursday! This Time - the Daggerfang

Clint Staples
That's right folks! I have decided to run a regular article on Runequest, ideally content you can use in your own games. I started running a Runequest campaign a couple of months back, so I thought I would post some of the stuff I am doing for that anyway.   So here is the inaugural post - A Monster! Chris Van Deelen, who also has a blog here on d-Infinity, posts regular monster conversions for the Mutant Future  Post-Apocalyptic RPG. Since I have been writing up lots of critters for my RQ campaign, why not take a page from Chris' book and share a monster - in this case, the Daggerfang.   Before this goes any further, I would like to state that the content you find here is compatible with my personal Runequest campaign and is not intended in any was as a challenge to Glorantha, the River of Cradles, or the Runequest game or brand. In fact, my intent is to direct readers toward the official versions in order that they experience them for themselves, readily found for sale in their various incarnations via the internet.   OK - Daggerfangs: Daggerfangs are the local River of Cradles name for a type of sciimitar cat. The Gloranthan one is not exactly like any terrestrial scimitar cat, but is similar to the largest of them, the sabretooth tiger. Daggerfangs live in prides similar to African lions with one or two adult males, a number of breeding females, and their young. Unlike lions, both males and females are active hunters, targeting prey ranging from giant rodents to bush pigs, even aurochs and lowland mammoth. Of course, such powerful predators have, and will hunt humans and other sentient races when the opportunity permits, but a pride will learn to be wary if they are sent away hurt and hungry. Humans living near daggerfangs are far more likely to run afoul of them through loss of livestock. Daggerfangs feel entitled to any animal they can catch. And at 350 to 500 pounds and 3-4 feet at the shoulder, there is not much that a pride of daggerfangs can't catch.   Daggerfang STR 31 CON 17 SIZ 29 DEX 14 INT 5 POW 14 Combat Actions 3 Move 10 Strike Rank +12 Defense  10% Location             Armor      Hit Points Right Hind Leg   3                    9 Left Hind Leg     3                    9 Hindquarters      3                   10 Forequarters      3                   10 Right Front Leg  3                    9 Left Front Leg    3                    9 Head                  3                   10 Total Hit Points 24   Traits: Night Sight,   Skills: Athletics 75%, Evade 40%, Perception 60%, Persistence 43%, Resilience 67%, Stealth 60%, Survival 60%, Track 60%   Weapons Type                 Attack        Reach       Damage         Special Claw/Claw         65                1             1D6+1D8       Grip Stab                  60                1             1d10+1d12     Impale   Combat Notes Daggerfangs often hunt cooperatively. One or more will give chase into the waiting claws of others, who will pounce, clawing and stabbing with their fangs. The stab will always target the head if the hit grants a combat maneuver. If the daggerfang hits with both claws in the same round, or establishes a grip, It gains a +20% bonus to hit with its Stab attack.   Artwork: Mauricio Anton