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Clint Staples

Just what it says. From here you can get to any of the articles I have written on Runequest for d-Infinity:

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Caverns of the Carcharids - A Complete Runequest Scenario

Cult of the Bloody Tusk - Part 1 - The Cult Itself

Cult of the Bloody Tusk - Part 2 - The Horde of Anorra Bloodspitter  

Cult of the Blue Moon

Cult of the White Moon

Runequest "How-To" - Creating Magical Sites

How to set up a Spirit Cult - Part One

How to set up a Spirit Cult - Part Two

How to set up a Spirit Cult - Par Three


My alternative sorcery system - Compiled and available right HERE

A New Sorcery - Part the First

A New Sorcery - Part the Second

A New Sorcery - Part the Third

A New Sorcery - Part the Fourth

A New Sorcery - Part the Fifth

A New Sorcery - Part the Sixth

Broadcast Sorcery - Alternate rules for sorcerers

A Sorcery Cabal - The Thalassomancers

A Sorcery Cabal - The Beastlords

Sorcery Spell - Animate

Sorcery Spell - Break

Sorcery Spell - Butterfingers

Sorcery Spell - Chaos Blast

Cult Spell - Flesh to Scone

Sorcery Spell - Hammerhand

Sorcery Spell - Minor Thaumaturgy

Sorcery Spell - Silence/ Stifle

Sorcery Spell - De-Construct, a specialty spell for Enchanters

Sorcery Spell - Reveal/ Conceal

Sorcery of the Blue Moon

The Master Sorcerer - Part One

The Master Sorcerer, Part Two

The Master Sorcerer, Part Three

Wizardry, Part One - On Summoning and Binding Demons!

Wizardry, Part Two - On Demons!

Wizardry, Part Three - Greater Demons!

Demon Weapons and Armor

Sorcery Spells inspired by TFT's Advanced Wizard:

Summon/ Dismiss "Creature"

Sleep, Lesser Ward, Reverse Missile

Avert, Glamour

Immolation, Fresh Air, Command Elemental, Elemental Transpostion

Reveal/ Conceal


Cult Magic:

Cult Spell - Absorb Text [Lankhor Mhy]

Cult Spell - Clown Shoe Curse [Eurmal]

Cult Spell - Wood to Cork [Eurmal]

Cult Spell - Glitter Blast [Eurmal]

Cult Spell - Reload

Shamanic Spell - Minor Haunting


Magical Special Maneuvers

Witchcraft - a System

Pact Magic, Part 1

Pact Mage - Deseneus

Acquiring Rune Magic

Alchemy - a System

Alchemy: One Dozen Improbable Potables for Runequest

Magical Tattoos - a System for Runequest

A New Combat System for Runequest

Alternate Rules for Bargaining and Trade

Encounter Tables for the River of Cradles


Monsters and other Creatures:

Creature - The Dragodon

Creature - The Dragonfang

Creature - HIs Majesty, the Sea Serpent, Runequestified

Creature - Shovel-nose

Creature - The Terror Bird

Creature - Giant Vampire Crab

Creature - Titanoboa

Creature - The Scorpionid

Kazakorang - The Dragon of Five Eyes Caverns

Sundrinker the Wyrm, Priest of Sun Dragon

Hulgrdrin, Chaos-tainted Dragon of the Condor Crags

Monster - Old Jack

Monster - Daggerfang

Monster - Chaos Bear

Monster - Sea-Wolf of Wachaza

Monster - Servitor of the Crimson Bat

Monster - The Whirlvish

Monster - Ynkla, Chaos Naiad

Monsters - Scorpionfolk Raiding Party

Monster - Giant Chaotic Vinegaroon

Monster - The Krampus

Monster - The Tusk Vine of Thanatar

Monter - Gorgonopsid

Creatures of the White Moon


People, places and things of note in the southern portion of the River of Cradles:

Lunar Army - The Hell Sisters

Lunar Personality - Tana-Sar, Crimson Dancer of the Rising Moon

Brightwater Isometric Map - Annotated

Brightwater Personality - Theudulf the Learned

Brightwater Personality - Sigin

Brightwater Personality - Nakura Leg-taker, Daggerfang Knight of the Agamori

Brightwater Personality - Andiron Potbelly, Eurmal Jester Lord

Stormwalk Mountain - Part One

Stormwalk Mountain - Part Two


Feats of Arms - Heroic Abilities for PC and NPC alike:

Heroquesting and Feats of Arms

Five Feats of Arms

Three Feat of Arms for the Would-Be Sword-Master

More feats of Arms

Four New Feats of Arms

Feat of Arms - Rugged

Feats of Arms for Sorcerers and Shamans, also a new Elemental - The Fulminar\

A Magical Feat of Arms - Spell Priming



Warfare Skill and a Battle System

Resources for your Runequest Game - Character Sheets and more

Runequest, the River of Cradles, and the Island of Kos

The Idol of Jagrun Khan

Jagrun Khan  - Monstrous Stats for this Monstrous Beast Lord

Cult Ritual Elements - Jagrun Khan

The Vengeance Son of itunkala WInd Khan - Part 1

The Vengeance song of Itunkala Wind Khan - Part 2

The Black Horse Company

d100 + d12 Market Oddities

A Score of Market Happenings for Runequest

Horses and Horse Markets in the River of Cradles

1d4 Magic Weapons for Runequest

1d8 Magical Treasures

1d6 Treasures for the River of Cradles

1d8 or More, Scrolls for Runequest

1d6 Adventure Locales

Weapons, Armor, and Encumbrance Rules for Runequest

Iron for Glorantha, Steel for The Savage North

Activities for the Passage of Time in a Runequest Campaign

Some Treasure Hoard items - Runequestified

The Crooked, Clipped Cube of Balo, the Demon Jester - A Challenge Dungeon inspired by Michael Moorcock's Elric of Melnibone


Clanking Ruin material - An entire setting detailed in a series of posts:

Plot-Hooks of the Clanking Ruin

The Clanking Ruin - A denizen and some toys!

More Clanking Ruin Material

Treasures of the Clanking Ruin

Mechamagical Runes

Forge-Knights for the Clanking Ruin

Scourge of the Clanking Ruin - The Forged!

Sea Trolls of the Clanking Ruin

Terror of the Clanking Ruin - the Rattlewyrm

Acid-Dogs of the Clanking Ruin

Furnace Demon for the Clanking Ruin

Mechamagical Swarms

Reavers of the Clanking Ruin

War Machines of the Clanking Ruin

Weapons of the Clanking Ruin

A New Group of Heroes for the Clanking Ruin

A Clanking Ruin Location - The Breshlev Tunnels

The Breshlev Tunnels, Part 2

Mechamagical Constructs and Attunement

The Braner Estate: A Manuforge and his Shield-Knights

Avorax, Dragonewt Ascendant - Master of the Rotunda

A Pair of Monsters from the Legion of Purification: Mostali Cannibal, Sulphur Churl

Wyvern Riders of the Clanking Ruin

Wyvern-Rustling, Brightwater Style!

Dimoena, Vampire of Vivamortis

Starion, Doomsword of Humakt, A Minor Relic


Clanking Ruin Fiction:

To Tweak the Nose of the Red Goddess, Part 1

To Tweak the Nose of the Red Goddess, Part 2

To Tweak the Nose of the Red Goddess, Part 3

To Tweak the Nose of the Red Goddess, Part 4

To Tweak the Nose of the Red Goddess, Part 5

To Tweak the Nose of the Red Goddess, Part 6

To Tweak the Nose of the Red Goddess, Part 7

Part 8 coming soon!


Some things a little different:

The Savage North Campaigns #1 - Introduction to Aquilla

The Savage North Campaigns #2 - Overview and Kael of the Isles

The Savage North Campaigns #3 - Donnan Corag, Beginnings

The Savage North Campaign - Rathowen, Dragon of Frost

The Savate North - Aquila and the Lurker in Shadow

Aquila Valeriana; Sorcerer Knight of Gatan

Maethild Frost-Daughter: Companion to Aquila Valeriana

Weapons and armor for The Knights-Marshal fo the Commonwealth Setting - Runequestified for your enjoyment

Alternate Hit Location System for RQ, with Knights-Marshal of the Commonwealth in Mind

Fallout Style Mutant Bears statted for Runequest

A Complete Psionics System for Runequest

Mandragoran Hunter-Killer Runequestified

Antaeans for Runequest and Glorantha - The Earthchild Cult


Mythos Monsters Runequestified: If you are looking for even more monsters for your Runequest game, it would not take much to alter any of The Mythos Society Guide to New England bonus monsters for Runequest. The Call of Cthulhu system is a rules-lite version of the rules used in Runequest. Here are a couple I have done:

Demonic Horse for Runequest

Dingball for Runequest