d10 Table Index

William T. Thrasher

For the past few weeks we here are d-Infinity have posted several tables that use the humble d10 to bring flavor, flare, and fun to your campaign. Now, all these tables are assembled here for your convenience. And as we add more d10 tables, we'll update this index so you'll always have our best tables only a die roll away.

1d10 Annoying Personality Traits

1d10 Arcane Special Effects

1d10 Damaged Books

1d10 Disease Symptoms

1d10 Divine Special Effects

1d10 Druid Special Effects

1d10 Freaky Fungi

1d10 Infernal Special Effects

1d10 Mystic Spell Effects

1d10 Potion Side Effects

1d10 Space Anomalies

1d10 Strange Elements

d10 Technomancer Spell Effects

d10 Unusual Asteroids