d10 Technomancer Spell Effects

William T. Thrasher
It's all about the code and how you compile it.

Spring is here and its time to bust out a new d10 table! This time we're turning our uccular implants to Starfinder and the new wave magic of Technomancers, who blend science, technology, and coding into arcane power. The next time your Technomancer casts a spell, or a technomagic villain wants to make their presence known, or you just want to add a little flavor to your champaigns's techno-magic, roll a d10 on the table below to generate a unique side effect.


  1. Screen Slayer: All screens and other digical displays within 30 feet of the spellcaster flicker, flash, and display distorted binary runes.
  2. Low Resolution: For a split second the target of the spell or the spell effect itself appears to be a poorly rendered polygonal image from the days of 64 bit video games.
  3. Power Surge: Bolts of electricity leap between the spellcaster and the nearest power source.
  4. Sythesized Chior: A chorus of monotone, auto-tuned voices fill the air chanting in an ancient programming language.
  5. Pixel Jubilee: The air around the spellcaster distorts, resembling a shifting pixelated image.
  6. Gremlins: Mechanical and electronic devices within 30 feet of the spellcaster spark, smoke, and produce the tortured sound of grinding motors.
  7. Holographic Aura: Holographic graphs, charts, and arcane icons swirl arouns the spellcaster like a living, interactive HUD.
  8. Industrial Runoff: A think layer of innert chemical waste coats all surfaces within 5 feet of the spellcaster, shimmering like an oil slick.
  9. Code Matrix: Indecypherable computer code flows out from the spellcaster's location and scrolls up all walls within 30 feet.
  10. Magnets!: The spellcaster projects a fluxuating magnetic field. All objects composed of ferrous metal are pulled to or repelled from (choose randomly) the spellcaster's position.