d10 Mystic Spell Effects

William T. Thrasher
Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers.

We’ve given new life to the new wave magic of technomancers. Now it’s time to get old school, with ten new randomized special effects to give flavor and character to the mystics of your Starfinder campaign. The next time you want to give a mystic a personal flourish, telltale occult signature, or just liven up their spellcasting with a random effect. get out your d10 and roll on the table below!


1.) Homeworld Aura: A hazy image of the mystic’s homewold surrounds the mystic for the duration of the spell. The higher the level of the spell, the more vivid and realistic the image. For mystics born and raised within a space station, orbital platform, or starship, this image takes the form of a swirly void of stars.

2.) Ancestral Memory: The mystic takes the form of a primitive spellcaster from their species’ ancient origins for the duration of the spell, possibly indicating a past life. Possible forms include a witch, medicine worker, wizard, priest, etc. The more powerful the spell, the more ancient the image.

3.) Ley Lines: Wispy lines of crisscrossing force appear, with the mystic at their center. These lines extend from the mystic for 30 feet. The more powerful the spell, the more intense and solid the lines of force. However, these lines of force do not provide concealment, illumination, or aid or hinder creatures within the area in any way.

4). Sygil Crown: A band of symbols dance around the mystic’s head for the duration of the spell. The symbols are drawn from a language important to the mystic’s occult tradition or cultural history. The more powerful the spell, the more symbols appear.

5.) Cosmic Dots: Cosmic energy so potent it can only be rendered in the form of countless black dots arcs around the mystic in all directions for the duration of the spell.

6.) Beast Guide: A ghostly image of a powerful creature flickers around the mystic. The creature can be real or mythical, but must be important to the mystic. her culture, or her homeworld.

7.) Poltergeist: Unattended objects within 30 feet of the mystic levitate up to a foot into the air before settling down into their original position. The more powerful the spell, the larger/heavier the objects levitate.

8.) Evil Eye: The mystic’s eyes, or equivalent sensory apparatus, turns milky white with a faint pearlescent sheen. The more powerful the spell, the more intense the sheen, to the point where the mystic’s eyes shine brightly and project rays of light.

9.) Ki Pulse: Lines and nodes of energy glow brightly across the mystic’s body. These lines my delineate the mystic’s ki flow, chakras, mystic tattoos, or similar sources of internal power.

10.) Mentor’s Trust: The voice of a dead mentor significant to the mystic echoes in the minds of all creatures within 30 feet of the mystic. This voice may be nurturing, encouraging, taunting, or even sarcastic depending upon the mentor’s personality and relationship with the mystic.