Old Game Notebook: Magical Tokens

Michael O. Varhola
Following are the contents of a handwritten sheet of notebook paper that I believe dates to the period 1982-84 and contains magic items that may have been generated using an article in Dragon Magazine about common-looking objects that have minor enchantments associated with them. At the time I titled this list "Random Magic Items" but I would be more likely today to refer to them as tokens or some such. There is, in any event, still a good use for little items of this sort, especially in low-level adventures, and I think things along these lines tend to be underutilized. 
Random Magic Items

1. Medallion and Chain: Cursed; +1 on AC. 

2. Holy Symbol, Cross: Allows wearer to speak with Animals. 

3. Rock: Character gains 1/hp per level once only, on touch. 

4. Monster Finger and Claw: +1 on prime requisite. 

5. Flask: +1 on random ability score. 

6. Mirror: Cures 10 HP of damage per day. 

7. Ermine Beret: +1 on all saves. 

8. Metal Box (1" x 1" x 1/2"; full of sound): Allows character to control Animals once per day. 

9. Featureless Copper Disk: +1 on prime requisite. 

10. Magnet (cube as big as die): Allows character to speak with Dragons. 

11. Black Knit Cap: Gives wearer infravision, 60'. 

12. Pair of Dice (one black stone, one ivory): -1 on Armor Class. 

13. Peacock Feather: Allows Magic Users to speak with Humanoids. 

14. Three Ivory Sticks (3", bound with copper wire): Allows +1 on random ability. 

15. 10 GP Gem: Gives +1 on prime requisite. 

16. Gold Coin, L.M.: Cure Disease 1/week (Note: not sure what "L.M." stands for!). 

17. Three Wooden Sticks (6", bound with platinum):