Oddities for a Swampland

William T. Thrasher
Life's a bog.

It's time to leave the forge behind and venture into new lands we can populate with new unusual items, encouners, and creatures. This time we're ventuing into the swamp. the prefered stalking ground of venemous dragons, troll kings, and cultists of the oldest of old gods. How long will it take us to get to 100 entries this time?

  1. A hut covered in moss and fungus growns stands above the waterline on six pylons of rotted wood held together by hemp role lashings. If you aproach, the pylons snap and bend, digging themselves out of the mire. The hut creeps away on these insectile legs, comming to rest 1d4 miles later in a random directly. If approached again, there is only a 20% chance the hut creeps away.
  2. A hunchbacked hag sings to herself as she reaches into a nest of venemous swamp adders. She milks each adder in turn, gathering their venom into small clay bottles.
  3. A muddy hill stidded with bare, gnarled trees rises from the mire. There is an equal chance this is a natural hill, the burial mound of an evil king who's spirit taints the land, or the shell of a giant turtle that has lived in the swamp since the dawn of creation.
  4. A thick mist rolls in from a random direction. There is an equal chance this is natural mist, poisinous swamp gas, combustable swamp gas, a cloud of halucinigenic spores, or a magical mist concealing an army of the dead.
  5. A party of 2d4 dwarves arned with crossbows and blunderbusses quietly trudges through the mire on the hunt for swamp drakes. There is an equal chance they are poachers, a licended hunting party collecting a bounty on the drakes, or the ghousts of dwarves who died on a drake hunt years ago.
  6. A massive cypress tree rises high into the sky, its boughs so massive a dragon could roost upon it. Every cypress tree in the swamp is an extension of this elder tree, who's root network extends throughout the swamp. The spirit of the tree is aware off all things that have happend within the swamp for the past 5000 years.
  7. The waters of the swamp begin to rise at a rate of 1 ft. per hour for 1d8x hours. After a day the waters recede to their original depth.
  8. A swamp goblin swears loudly as it dangles from a rope hanging from a tree, the victim of its own snare trap. If freed, the goblin offers to serve the party as a guide. There is an equal chance the goblin aids the party to the best of its ability, or attempts to lure the party into an ambush.
  9. A chirurgeon in a small canoe paddles through the swamp, stopping occanoinally to pluck medicinal leeches from the water and plop them into glass jars. His medical skills are primitive but effective.
  10. An animated skull with a jewel in its left eye socket atop a pike calls out to the party trying to get their attention. The skull was placed in its current perdicament to guard the approach to a hag's hut, but the hag has been dead for years and the skull is bored with no one to talk to. If the party agrees to take the skull to a more intereating environment and offer it conversation, it will share the safest route to what remains of the hag's hut. The skull can cast an evil-eye spell from its jeweled eye. The skull isn't must of a conversationalist, but is keenly interested in life outside the swamp and loves bawdy limerick's and riddles.

And there's more to come as your favorite d-Infinity contributors add to this list! And feel free to add your own!