Party Game for Terrible Parties Challenge (d-Infinity Series 6 Episode 34)

We've all been forced to endure terrible parties and the painfully bad games that come with them. From the awkward class reunion to the tedious child's birthday party, there has to be a better way to liven up a lousy gathering than an equally awful activity calling itself a game (I'm looking at you, candy-bar-diaper baby shower game.) To combat this, the hosts of d-Infinity Live have been challenged to design good games for bad parties. Each host has been assigned a type of terrible party and will present their (hopefully!) good game.

The party games must be suitable for mixed company (so generally no cursing, sex, hateful language, etc.) and must not be drinking games. Other than that, whatever you can come up with to make these dreadful get-togethers any more bearable is great!