d-Infinity Plays 'Rim Riders of Uranus,' a Scenario for 'Chaps & AppsTM' [Live on 5/26/2016]

Venture out to the far frontier with the crew of the deep-space freighter Conestoga as they mine the rings of the outer planets for ice that can be melted into water used to sustain life on space stations and planetary colonies. They are ... the rim riders of Uranus. 

By popular demand, author Michael O. Varhola will be running "d-Infinity Live!" co-hosts Will Thrasher, Brendan Cass, Clint Staples, and Amanda Kahl through a scenario for his Chaps & AppsTM (C&ATM) science fiction Western role-playing game (a modified version of the 5th Edition D&D system). C&ATM was Varhola's contribution to d-Infinity's Sci-Fi Western Challenge