An “Amusical” Proposition Challenge! (d-Infinity Live! Series 6, Ep 9)

Live on March 23rd at 9pm EST

Music has been known to soothe the savage breast, and to inflame the courage of heroes, or the anger of mobs. As proved by the notion of the muse, and its continuity from antiquity to the modern day, Music can certainly be inspiring!

In this week’s challenge, The d-Infinity Cast of Miscreants will be asked to take their inspiration from music – and create a game setting! Each person will choose between 2 and 4 pieces of music – ANY music they want – and craft a Mash-Up setting based on it!

What do we mean by a mash-up? Two or more genres/concepts/themes/what-have-yous that are put together to create something new and interesting (or at least interesting). SO you might choose Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries, The Buggles’ Video Killed the Radio Star, and Jerry Goldsmith’s Alien movie theme to create a setting in which robotic female death machines invade cyberspace to fight against an alien intelligence intent upon taking over humanity through their Televisions – and the humans who, ultimately, must guide the machines to victory.

Each piece of music chosen should also be used to guide creation of one facet of the setting. AND for bonus points, a piece of music MAY be used to inspire a system for the Mash-Up. SO in the example above, Ride of the Valkyries could guide not only the technology, but also suggest a certain ancient “feel” to the Valkyries that could come out in other ways.  

What will our intrepid Gamesters come up with? Tune in and fine out! And hop onto the show page and share with us your own setting to riff on!