Starfinder: Zedrenaline

Chris Van Deelen


By using the blood plague and the rotting hormones and chemicals (such as what is found in the adrenal gland), the user taking this must make a saving throw against any type of ability used by undead, they suffer a -2 to the save. Against blood plague, they suffer a -4! The benefit is that they gain +4 to initiative, +10 ft. movement, and gain temporary hit points equal to twice their current level, and temporary stamina equal to 4 times their current level. The hit points and stamina disappear after only 5 minutes. If the character has suffered damage, it comes off the temporary hit points first. Also, if they used this drug and rest after the effects have worn off, it requires two resolve to regain the stamina they lost. Finally the user is considered fatigued for 1d3 hours, and this cannot be remedied except through rest.  Each dose costs 800 credits and is level 4.

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