Starfinder: Zed Eye

Chris Van Deelen


Created by using chemicals and fluid from undead, specifically those infected with the Blood Plague, this drug temporarily gives the user Dark vision 60 ft. If the user already has Dark vision, then it is increased by 30 ft. The effects last for 30 minutes, and although it uses the blood plague as a source, it is not quite as dangerous to use. Anytime the user taking this must make a saving throw against any type of ability used by undead, they suffer a -1 to the save. Against blood plague, they suffer a -2! This costs 500 credits and is a level 2 item.

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Chris Van Deelen is the creator and contributor to over half of the Wisdom from the Wastelands series, contributor to the Swords of Kos: Hekaton anthology, and the recently released 'Swords of Kos: The Rite'. He also wrote Creatures of the Tropical Wastelands, and 100 Oddities found in a Car. As prolific as he is, Chris Van Deelen continues to write and produce material which will be in publication soon. Not only is he a prolific content creator, he also has a wide selection of fiction and stories! If you like his work, please follow his personal author page on Facebook and on Twitter to keep up with his latest news and game content.