Starfinder: Thin Men

Chris Van Deelen

Thin Men Expert CR 2 XP 600

Lawful evil medium humanoid (Thin Men)

Init +9; Senses: Low-light 60 ft.; Perception +12


Defense                                                             HP 23

EAC: 17; KAC: 19 (Duty Suit Mk 1)

Fort: +1; Ref: +3; Will: +5

Immunities: Poison



Speed: 40 ft.

Melee: Combat blade +6 (1d4+4 S)

Ranged: Light plasma rifle Mk 1 +8 (2d4+2 E&F Crit burn 1d4) or Light plasma rifle Mk 1 +6 (2d4+6 E&F Crit burn 1d4)

Space: 5 ft., Reach: 5 ft.

Offensive Abilities: poison spit, suppression



Str +2; Dex +5; Con +0; Int +0; Wis +0; Cha +0

Skills: Acrobatics +12, athletics +12, bluff +7, intimidation +7, sense motive +7

Feats: Climbing master, deadly aim, improved initiative

Other Abilities: Leap

Languages: Common, telepathy



Environment: Any

Organization: Small groups (2d4+2)


Special Abilities

Leap (Ex): Thanks to their agility, the Thin Men are capable of jumping great distances and heights. If they have a running start, they can leap distances equal to twice their normal movement rate. While standing still, they are fully capable of jumping 40 feet straight up. Both are full round actions.

Poison Spit (Ex): As a standard action, the Thin Men are able to spit a deadly toxin at any target within 20 feet. A standard ranged attack is required and if it hits, the toxin will inflict 1d6+2 points of acid damage. Furthermore, the target then must make a Fort save (DC 13) or suffer the effects of the poison itself. It uses the Constitution track and takes effect every round. A single Fort save (DC 12) will halt the advance of the poison.  They can use this ability only once per 24 hours.

Suppression (Ex): As a full round action, the creature can designate a single target. It can fire at the target, which is required to make a Will save (DC 13) or become shaken for a single round. The save is only required if the target is hit by the shot. The creature can use this ability every round.

Telepathy (Su): All members of the Thin Men race are capable of telepathy. They can use this with one another. If they attempt to use this on another race, or an unwilling subject, the target is allowed a Will save (DC 13) to refuse the mental link.  


Thin Men Subtype Graft

This subtype is applied to the cloned aliens known as Thin Men.

                Traits: Low light vision 60 ft., +2 to Reflex, leap, suppression, and telepathy. NPC’s gain The Poison spit ability. 

A race of clones, sharing similarities with the Sectoids, these aliens were created with the intention of infiltration among enemy settlements.

The Thin Men appear to be tall, exceedingly thin human males. The average clone stands around 6.5 in height, and weighs around 140 pounds. They have short, black hair and are always found wearing sunglasses and blue-black suits. They do not possess eyebrows, and if the sunglasses are ever removed, the eyes appear to be reptilian in nature, and they have patches of mottled green skin around their necks and wrists.

The suits are actually armor, which provides adequate protection against energy-based weapons, but are even better against projectile and physical attacks, and the glasses give the creatures greater visual range, extending the low-light vision to a maximum of 180 feet.

They are capable of speech, but engage it only rarely, except in combat. They are known to use psychological tactics to attempt to demoralize the enemy, although this has had mixed results.

As infiltrators, they are sent to urban and rural locations to ‘speak’ with those who are of interest, and either intimidate, bluff or flat out kill those who they consider to be ‘persons of interest’.

When they are engaged in combat, they are quite deadly – they typically are armed with light plasma rifles, but are known to use Sectoid plasma pistols. Unlike Sectoids, they are not afraid of getting up close and personal – they even tend to carry combat blades for this very purpose.

They also possess a deadly acidic toxin, which they can spit at targets within 20 feet of their location. The acidic nature causes nasty burns, but the poison is what makes these creatures all that deadlier.

When engaged in combat, the Thin Men are known tacticians, and will be careful to use cover, height advantages, as well as other factors to gain the advantage over their enemies. They can often be found in the presence of other aliens, especially Sectoids. The basic Sectoid clones will take orders from these creatures, but they will always follow orders given to them from Commanders or Evolved Sectoids. The Thin Men consider themselves to be above these clones, but often will defer to them, especially if the tactics or plans offered by these creatures are sound and have a decent chance of success.

When dealing with other creatures, they come across as arrogant and cold. When they do speak it is in soft, sibilant tones, often lengthening the S in words. They are intelligent, although not on the same level as the Sectoids. As stated above, these creatures use intimidation and bullying tactics against those they are forced to engage in dialog with.

Most of the time they would simply prefer to torture or just flat out terminate those they are sent to deal with. It is easier and quicker.

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