Starfinder: Snakemen

Chris Van Deelen

Snakemen Combatant CR 5 XP 1,600

Lawful evil medium monstrous humanoid

Init +; Senses: Darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +11


Defense                                                             HP 90

EAC: 17; KAC: 19

Fort: +11; Ref: +7; Will: +6

Defensive Abilities: Energy resistance 5, DR 5 / -; Immunities: Poison



Speed: 30 ft.

Melee: Bite +15 (1d4+9 P plus poison (see poison spit) Crit poison DC+2), or constrict +15 (2d6+9 B)

Ranged: Heavy Plasma Cannon Mk 1 +15 (2d6+5 E&F Crit burn 1d4)

Space: 5 ft., Reach: 5 ft.

Offensive Abilities: Constriction, poison spit



Str +4; Dex +4; Con +2; Int +0; Wis +0; Cha +0

Skills: Acrobatics +16, athletics +11

Feats: Great fortitude, improved combat maneuver (grapple)

Languages: Common, telepathy



Environment: Any

Organization: Solitary, pairs, small squads (2d4+2)


Special Abilities

Constriction (Ex): The creatures, being part snake, are able to coil around their prey and squeeze. They are allowed a grapple check (the KAC is +4 instead of +8). If they succeed, the target is wrapped up in their coils. Each round the target is grappled like this, the target will automatically suffer 2d6+9 points of constriction damage as the Snakeman attempts to squeeze the life out of the target. While grappled the Snakeman is still capable of attacking with melee weapons, and suffers a -2, however, if the Snakeman attacks with their bite, they suffer no penalty. Furthermore, if the Snakeman attempts to attack with a ranged weapon, it suffers a -4 to hit.

Poison Spit (Ex): As a standard action, the Snakemen are able to spit a deadly toxin at any target within 20 feet. A standard ranged attack is required against the targets EAC, and if it hits, the toxin will inflict 2d6+5 points of acid damage. Furthermore, the target then must make a Fort save (DC 13) or suffer the effects of the poison itself. It uses the Constitution track and takes effect every round. A single Fort save (DC 13) will halt the advance of the poison.  They can use this ability only once per 24 hours.

Telepathy (Su): All members of the Snakemen race are capable of telepathy. They can use this with one another. If they attempt to use this on another race, or an unwilling subject, the target is allowed a Will save (DC 13) to refuse the mental link. 


This particular race was subjugated and due to their size, strength and toughness, they were turned into heavy ordinance soldiers.

Physically they appear similar to many of the ancient myths found on numerous worlds, and were originally thought to be Gorgons, Medusa, Naga, Lamia and other such snake-like evil races. As it turns out they are a unique species all on their own. They have roughly humanoid torsos, complete with arms and a strangely human-appearing head, although they do not possess hair or snake-like appendages growing from their heads. Their eyes are always cold and reptilian, and they have tongues that flick in and out constantly. The coloration of these creatures is uniformly medium tan, although the belly scales are somewhat lighter in coloration. They have pronounced fangs, while the rest of the mouth is filled with small, backward-facing teeth, perfect for swallowing smaller prey whole. The average specimen is about 20 feet in length, and weighs around 800 pounds.

Autopsies on these creatures have revealed that they are in fact hermaphrodites, and always seem to have a small number of eggs embedded in their bodies. Through these autopsies it has been determined that these eggs are fertilized and just need to be deposited into suitable conditions for the young creatures to gestate and eventually be born. For some reason any and all attempts at placing these eggs in an artificial environment have met with failure, the eggs never begin to mature, and after a few weeks die and begin to decay.

Over the centuries of servitude, the creatures have lost all sense of self and culture. They live only to fight, and to fight for their masters and their ‘brothers’.  They live to eat and fight, with little else being of interest to them.

When engaged in combat, the creatures are heavy hitters, always carrying around plasma cannons. It is not unknown for the creatures to also carry missile launchers, grenade launchers and even grenades, although they rarely use such weapons, as they prefer to be up close and personal, using their heavy weapons and even their nature-given tools like their teeth and poisonous spit.

These creatures cannot be reasoned with, and will always respond to any attempt at conversation or parley with a volley of hot plasma.

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