Starfinder: Scent block

Chris Van Deelen

Scent Block

Created from the remains of undead, this drug renders the wearer effectively invisible to mindless undead. The downside is that when using it, the wearer becomes more susceptible to contracting blood plague, and suffers a reduction in saving throws against undead attacks.  Each bottle costs 300 credits to create, and lasts for 5 minutes. While under the effects, the wearer is all but invisible to mindless undead, but if they attack or use any type of firearm or weapon that makes noise, the undead are allowed a perception check against the wearers stealth. If it succeeds, the undead are able to ‘see’ the user, and this will last until the user leaves the line of sight of the undead. Furthermore, any time the user must make a saving throw against any type of ability used by undead, they suffer a -2 to the save. Against blood plague, they suffer a -4! This item is a level 1 item.

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