Starfinder: Pterodactyl - Augmented

Chris Van Deelen

Pterodactyl - Augmented Combatant CR 3 XP 800

Neutral large animal (technological)

Init +9; Senses: darkvision 60 ft., low light vision; Perception +8


Defense                                                             HP 40

EAC: 18; KAC: 20

Fort: +7; Ref: +9; Will: +2

Weakness: Ground vulnerability



Speed: 10 feet, fly 80 feet (good)

Melee: Bite +11 (1d8+4 P), or two claws +7 (1d6+4 s, crit bleed 1d3)

Ranged: Turreted tactical railgun +8 (1d8+3 P)

Space: 10 ft., Reach: 5 ft.

Offensive Abilities: Diving slash, turreted weapon



Str +2; Dex +5; Con +0; Int -3; Wis +0; Cha +0

Skills: Acrobatics +13, Stealth +8

Feats: Improved initiative

Gear: Darkvision capacitors, Tactical railgun

Languages: None



Environment: Any warm forests, hills or mountains.

Organization: Solitary, pairs, small flocks (2d3+2), large flocks (4d8+6)


Special Abilities

Diving slash (Ex): The Pterodactyl can dive at any target, and can move up to twice its normal movement rate. The creature cannot make any turns while attempting this maneuver. The creature will gain a +2 to hit with its claws and the damage is increased to 2d6+4 if the slash succeeds. This requires a full round action to complete.

Ground Vulnerability (Ex): If the creature is ever forced to fight on the ground, it loses its Dexterity bonus and as such its EAC and KAC both drop by 5.

Turreted Weapon (Ex): Mounted on the shoulder of the creature is a specialized turret. It is controlled by a simple computer program and allows the Pterodactyl to target anything around it, even if it is directly behind it and fire. This is a free action and does not count as an attack by the creature. Furthermore, the Pterodactyl cannot be flanked as long as the weapon has ammunition (12 rounds), as the software will track and automatically attack.


With so many government forces, mercenaries and private contractors using drones, the Vesk decided to make use of the reptilian avian life forms of their native world as a counter.

These creatures have a wingspan of approximately 25 feet, and a tail that can reach out up to 15 feet behind it. The actual body of the reptile is only approximately 6-8 feet in length, and the creature weighs around 200 pounds. The iconic fin located on the back of the head has been replaced with a turret, which houses a tactical rail gun. The creature does not even need to concentrate to use the weapon, as it has its own programming, and can act independently of the Pterodactyl. This makes it all but impossible to flank the creature, and it can even fire upon targets closing in from behind.

These are often used to harass enemy troops from the air, using their speed and mobility to avoid taking damage. They are quite difficult to hit at the best of times as a result.  One of the creature’s favorite tactics is to dive at a target on the ground, using its superior speed to home in on the target. The claws it possesses have been reinforced with metal, and as such can inflict terrible wounds during such an attack.

It does not like to fight on the ground, and will do anything in its power to avoid such conflict, as it is at a disadvantage. It can still use its claws and bite, and the turret will protect it, but it is slow and clumsy and a far easier target.

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