Starfinder: Geth

Chris Van Deelen


Racial Traits

Ability Adjustments: +2 str, +2 dex, -2 wis.

Hit Points: 6

Size and Type: Medium construct with the Geth and technological subtype

Constructed: Geth gain darkvision 60 ft. and low-light vision, and gain a +2 racial bonus to saving throws against disease, mind-affecting effects, and poison. They are immune to sleep. Like Androids, they do not breathe or suffer the effects of hard vacuum.

Cybernetic compatibility: Typically only one cybernetic or biotech enhancement can be added to a specific location, but thanks to their artificial nature, Geth can choose an additional location (skin, arms, spine, etc.) and have two augmentations instead of the usual one in that location.

Electrical Vulnerability: Geth, being constructs, are more vulnerable to electrical-based attacks. As such they suffer a -2 penalty to any saving throw involving electrical-based attacks, and +1 per dice damage inflicted.

Emotionally Stunted: Geth still have difficulty understanding basic emotions, and as such they suffer a -2 to sense motive and bluff checks. On the other hand, they gain a +2 racial bonus when attempting to intimidate.

Natural Engineers: Considering the Geth are artificial life-forms, they automatically gain a +2 racial bonus to both engineering and computers.

Networked Intelligence: This ability acts like the Telepathy spell, but can only work on other Geth. The range is increased to 1 mile. There is no limit to the number of Geth than can be linked into this, as long as each Geth spends 1 resolve point to use join. The duration is limited to 24 hours, at which time the Geth involved will need to spend a resolve to remain in the Network.

Resistant: Thanks to their outer shell, Geth gain a natural DR of 5 against piercing and slashing attacks. 

Shared Skills: As long as the Geth are connected via networked intelligence, they can ‘lend’ a skill to another Geth. This is a full round action, and they can transfer a number of skill ranks up to the receivers maximum level. For example, a Geth with medicine could transfer this skill to another Geth without it. The receiver is level 7, while the sender is level 12, and has 12 ranks. The sender can transfer a maximum of 7 ranks to the receiver.  This transfer will remain in effect for a maximum of 1 hour, and the two Geth do not have to be near one another.


Brief History

This artificial race was originally created by the Quarians, which were used for labor and disposable soldiers and explorers.  Using highly advanced artificial intelligence, the Quarians made the nearly fatal mistake of allowing the Geth to become sentient, which was only compounded with the fact that the Geth were networked together, allowing them to upgrade and communicate without any visible means to do so. The result is that when it was discovered what happened, the Quarians began a war to exterminate the Geth, with horrible results. 

Now, instead of being a major power in the Galaxy, the Quarians have been reduced to nomads. As a result, the Quarians are now viewed as a warning to the rest of the sentient races of the Galaxy what can and eventually will go wrong with AI – especially when that AI has been pushed too far.

Originally the Geth shared their collective intellect, which meant that the more Geth that were present the more intelligent they were collectively. Alone from other Geth, individuals tended to be little more intelligent than animals, although through ‘programming’ evolution, the intellect of individual Geths were increased t dramatically, putting them on par with many of the other races found in the Galaxy. 



Physically the Geth strongly resemble the Quarians, having the same average height and overall mass, although they all appear to be gender neutral, whereas the Quarians have obvious male and female genders. They have a single optic sensor on their heads, which led to them being nicknamed ‘flashlight heads’. Each hand has only three fingers, while the feet have two elongated toes.

Their bodies are created from a flexible and durable outer shell, which gives them some resistance to damage, and their musculature is comprised synthetic tissue, which not only makes them strong but highly agile. They do not have internal organs, but they do have a central processor and synthetic ‘blood’ – a white conductive material which can be seen when the creature sustains wounds.

Unlike organic counterparts, these creatures cannot heal naturally, and need to have their wounds tended to by a mechanic, although it has been discovered that the synthetic tissue does actually respond to first aid and medicinal drugs.

Also, they are not driven by instinct such as organic species, especially when it comes to the desire to carry on the species. Geth reproduce by creating new Geth, and then instilling the newly created Geth with a ‘spark’ of AI, which is more than enough for the Geth to begin its artificial life.

Even though they are artificial in nature, the Geth do need sustenance. This comes from any type of food, although they do tend to eat food raw, as cooking usually harms or destroys it chemically, which does not help. They can also consume raw materials, such as soft metals, plastics and other substances, which their robotic bodies then reduce and use to heal and maintain damage they may have endured. Even if they do not consume materials, they will never ‘starve’ or die from malnutrition, instead they will not be able to heal ‘naturally’.

As a race, the Geth do not require sleep, nor do they require rest. Because of this, it is not uncommon for Geth to work around the clock, never stopping except when they require sustenance to maintain their bodies.



Once the Geth were ‘established’ as a stable race, cultural and psychological traits began to appear. For the most part, the Geth are quite reclusive and very secretive. This is in part thanks to being artificial, or AI driven. As such, they do not share the same goals or needs as other races, except if it comes to other races encroaching on what is considered Geth territory.

The Geth do have one driving factor, which they share with organic races – to survive, both as a species and as individuals.

When viewed by other races, Geth do not possess a sense of the esthetic.  Every item they use, every ship or habitat they construct, absolutely everything is strictly utilitarian. They work with minimal comfort in mind, just enough gravity, enough oxygen and resources to keep themselves and their constructions running efficiently. To them, beauty does not exist, and they cannot appreciate esthetic values like many other organic races.

Being artificial, the Geth also have a very difficult time understanding emotions. They possess limited emotions themselves, but even so long after their creation, they still have trouble fully understanding emotions.

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