Starfinder: Energized Skin

Chris Van Deelen

Energized Skin

System: Skin




Damage inflicted


Mk 1




Level or CR rating

Mk 2




Level or CR rating x1.5

Mk 3




Level or CR rating x2

Mk 4




Level or CR rating x2.5


This cybernetic enhancement implants conductors beneath the flesh of the user. When activated – as a standard action - this creates an aura around the user. The aura is visible, and varies on the type of protection provided.  If the aura is interacted with, anyone touching it will suffer damage, based on the model.  It does not render the user immune to that type of damage, however, but it does provide a reduction in the damage they would otherwise suffer. Note that shutting down the aura is a free action, but cannot be reactivated for 10 minutes, or until the user rests to regain stamina.

There are several different models that can be implanted – cold (white), disintegration (yellow), electric (blue), fire (red), sonic (green) and plasma (gold). In order to be effective, the user must be physically touched - ranged and melee weapons do not set off this defensive measure.  Creatures with the ‘trample’ effect add this damage to the trample damage they inflict. Finally, anytime a critical failure is indicated by the attacker, they automatically suffer double damage from the energized skin.

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