Starfinder: Critters (Eaters)

Chris Van Deelen

Critters (Eaters) Combatant CR 1/2 XP 200

Chaotic evil tiny monstrous humanoid

Init +2; Senses Darkvision 60 ft..; Perception +9


Defense                                                             HP 13

EAC: 12; KAC: 12

Fort: +2; Ref: +4; Will: +2



Speed: 30 ft.

Melee: Bite +7 (1d6 P), or two claws +3 (1d4 S)

Ranged: Spines +7 (1d3 P plus toxin)

Space: 2.5., Reach: 5

Offensive Abilities Paralytic dart



Str +0; Dex +2; Con +3; Int +0; Wis +0; Cha +0

Skills Athletics +4, engineering +9

Other Abilities: Ball of doom

Languages: Common (understand only) and Critter



Environment: Anywhere

Organization: Medium packs (2d8), large packs (4d8), invasion hoards (10d12)


Special Abilities

Ball of Doom (Ex): What makes them extremely dangerous is that when there are more than 25, they can combine their bodies together to create a massive rolling ball. There is no limit to how large the ball grows, but for every 25 creatures in the ball, the size increases by 10 feet and the range by 5 feet.  Damage (see below) is likewise doubled. This requires 1d4 full rounds to complete, and the creatures are incapable of attacking during this time.  The ball becomes a large creature with a size of 10 feet but only a 5 foot reach, and has a number of hit points equal to the number of critters multiplied by 13. So if a ball has 25 critters, it has 325 hit points. This ball has a movement rate of 60 ft. per round. Anything that is caught in its path must make a Reflex save (DC 13) or be literally eaten down to the bone, killed instantly, as their body is drawn into the ball and consumed. Even those who save will still suffer 5d6 P damage. The ball can withstand a great deal of punishment before breaking apart. After it has suffered half its total hit points in damage, the ball must make a Will save (DC 15) or it will instantly break apart into individual Critters. Each time it takes more than 13 points of damage on each succeeding round, the save check goes up by 1 until it finally fails and the ball splits apart.

Paralytic Dart (Ex): The critters have a series of small dart-like spines on their backs. As a standard action, the creature can shoot one of these darts at a target within 30 feet. If the dart hit, it inflicts 1d3 P damage plus the target requires a Fort save (DC 9) or become paralyzed for 2d3 rounds.


It is speculated that Eaters are genetically engineered rats that were specifically designed to be mobile waste-disposal units to be used in outer space. It is also speculated that a group of young Goblins got very drunk and decided to have carnal visits with larger than normal rats, and that is how these creatures came to be. 

These small creatures stand only about 2 feet in height at the most and weigh about 10 pounds. They are covered in coarse hair and have large mouths filled with sharp teeth, three fingered hands and toes on stubby little arms and legs. They have blood red eyes and can clearly see in the dark.

Although they appear to be nothing more than small, strange animals, they are quite intelligent, and have a wickedly twisted sense of humour. They love to cause mischief and mayhem – which lead to the speculation they have goblin blood. 

Oh and they’re just plain mean.

They have distinct personalities and love to eat and cause as much trouble as they possibly can. Although they are fully capable of working together as a group, they feel no loyalty towards one another and have been seen pulling off lethal pranks on their fellows! The only time they really will work together is when they create the ball of doom.

They have a highly developed sense of smell and, like a shark which can sense a drop of blood in water from a mile away; they can smell any type of edible food from up to ten miles away and home in on it like the proverbial shark.

Because of their intelligence, they are fully capable of using tactics and due to their small stature, can easily lay in wait to ambush or simply hide in locations no one would think to look.

And they are capable of breaking just about anything they get their hands on, so are quite willing to disable power grids, computer systems, and so forth, all in their never-ending pursuit of their next meal. And to make matters worse, and are capable of using tools and equipment, although they prefer to use their natural weapons for combat.

Individually, they are not much of a threat, although they are able to shoot spines out of their fur that are coated with a toxin which can stagger anyone hit by it for short periods of time. The most terrifying aspect of these spines is that once a target has become paralysed, just one of the eaters can inflict enough damage through its bites to kill most human-sized creatures before the toxin wears off.

Sometimes if there are enough of the creatures together in a single location, and prey is plentiful, they will form a massive ball of teeth and hate. This ball moves at very high speeds and anything caught in its path has a good chance of being drawn into the ball itself and quickly consumed by the critters comprising the mass. A failed save means nothing is left but bloody bones.

These creatures after they have had their fill, like to burn off the excess energy in more carnal activities. They are naturally hermaphrodites and can take the role of either male or female, depending on the individual mood. The end result is that in 1 week they will end up laying 1d12 leathery eggs, which will hatch in 7-10 days. The young grow rapidly, reaching physical maturity in about 2 weeks, at which point they are able to reproduce.

When they need to travel off-world, it is not uncommon for the creatures to carefully hide their eggs on starships, typically leaving them in areas which are warm and dark, and near food. The eggs will remain dormant when placed on board a ship, and will not hatch (even if ready to) until the ship has docked with a station or has made planet fall.

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