Runequestification of Clown Shoes - a Deliciously Deviant Delight for Eurmali Tricksters!

Clint Staples

Will Thrasher has inspired me once again. He just put up a spell for d20 yesterday that I thought was fantastic! And that always gets me thinking about how I can adapt one of his brainchildren [hmmm . . . nope, that is definitely going to have to wait for an entry on Necromantic creatures] to Glorantha and Runequest. Anyway, here is what I came up with [Thanks again, Will].


Among the Orlanthi of Sartar and elsewhere, Eurmal the divine trickster, has few adherents. Even though the Lightbringers could not have retrieved the Sun from the underworld without Eurmal's capering to distract the guards at Hell's Gate. Even though fools adorn many Orlanthi courts in Sartar, the region of Pavis and beyond, few devote their lives and worship to the God of Jests.


Eurmal loves a good jape, and this spell is a favorite. That it also distracts and confounds the big bruisers who worship The Father of Storms is a bonus. And it makes it soooo much easier to stick the knife in while they are tripping over their own feet.

The Clown Shoe Curse is taught at half price to all Jesters [Intiates] of Eurmal. In fact, it is a requirement for any who wish to become Thyle [Runemasters] in the Trickster's service. Cultists will teach the spell to outsiders, but few are so keen of wit as to see its value.


CLOWN SHOE CURSE [Cult spell - Eurmal the Trickster] Cost - 500L

Magnitude Variable

Casting Time 1 action

Range Caster's POW in Yards

Target 1 pair of footwear

Duration 5 Minutes

This spell transforms the target footwear into a pair of floppy foolish-looking clown shoes that squeak with every step. If the shoes are currently being worn, a successful POW vs. POW roll is required.

Any creature wearing the clown shoes takes a -10% penalty per point of Magnitude on all skills related to Agility or Stealth. In addition, wearer's MOVE is reduced by 1 per Magnitude. Because the clown shoes animate to confound, the donning or removing clown shoes takes twice as long as regular footwear. 

Anyone attempting any sort of comedic performance gains a +10% per point of Magnitude bonus while wearing clown shoes.


Note: As a point of interest to those considering a career as a jester, it is rumored that the Sorcery spell 'Butterfingers' was adapted from one of Eurmal's cultic specialties. There are also tales, generally whispered in darkened corners of old alehouses, of sorcerer/jester/ assassins, possibly in the employ of the Lunar Empire. Orlanthi nobles - beware!