Runequest Thursday #44 - 1d8 Magical Treasures for your Runequest Games!

Clint Staples

Here is a short list, randomized for you, when placing significant magical treasures. Depending on the magic and power levels of your game, these might be more or less powerful. For this reason, I have not provides monetary values.

Spells referred to are from the Legend RPG, which is available for a buck or less. Sorcery references are to my Sorcery system which you can find from here.

Roll 1d8:

  1. A Sliver of Patterned Truestone looks like a piece of oily pearlescent flint – a soundless scene of a dragon, with scales of red, gild and silver, seemingly communing with a group of outlandishly dressed men and a few dragonewts, then lifting into the sky and flying away. The scene conveys a sense of great sadness.  The stone can also be used to store 4 POW, but 4 POW must be cast into it for each POW Stored.
  2. Staff is set with bands of bronze and ivory, each engraved with a Truth rune within a Stasis rune [the runes associated with Lhankor mhy, Orlanthi god of sages]. One of the silver bands is a split-hinge ring that can be worn as a finger ring – It has a matrix for Abacus and Detect Life.
  3. a yellowish crystal sphere in a wire frame, suspended on a red neck ribbon Once per day, the Orb can be used to focus one’s will, Increasing one’s Sorcery skill by 3d6% for a single roll. Since the skill must be attempted through the Orb, the decision to invoke its Focus must be made before the roll is attempted.
  4. A massive sword with a magically hardened bronze blade and several garnets in the hilt. An age ago, this was a slender poniard for a giant, For a man it functions as a greatsword nearly seven feet in length. STR 15 or more is required to wield it, it does 2d6+3 Damage and has AP 10/ HP 15. Blade and hilt are green with verdigris, but can be cleaned by anyone with sufficient time and materials. Non-magical but a good weapon.
  5. A necklace composed of several predatory creatures’ fangs strung on a sinew cord. Each fang is enchanted to cast a one-use Fanaticism spell on its wearer, which lasts for 5 minutes. There are 1d6+3 fangs.
  6. A rotted wooden coffer about the size to suit the corpse of a child. Within is a broadsword with a silver pommel and crossguard inscribed with the word ‘Legtaker’ in Orlanthi. Once per humanoid opponent, wielder may choose to roll 1d8 for location instead of 1d20. For that strike, the Sword is considered to be enchanted with Pierce 2 [ignoring 4 Armor Points in the location it strikes if it hits].
  7. A Potion in a small leather flask stoppered with silver and sealed with wax: Soultaker’s Draft [Potion: +1d4+1 to characteristic POW – even raising it above its maximum - for 1d4 Hours, after which the gained POW is lost, and Characteristic POW drops by the same a mount for another 1d4 hours.
  8. Necklace of Salamanders: three tiny talimans of golden flaming lizards hang from clasps on the necklace. Each is a level 3 Salamander. A talisman can be cast upon the earth and commanded as a normal salamander, even to returning it to its talisman shape. So long as it is returned to talisman form before it is destroyed, it may be resummoned again and again. If it is slain, the talisman does not reform, instead being replaced by a handful of crumbled coal. A sorcerer who possesses the talisman and the Conjure/ Dismiss Salamander spell, could Manipulate the other aspects of summoning the talismanic salamanders, perhaps extending the duration for which they remain summoned, etc. At normal POW costs and subject to his Manipulation Limit.