Runequest Thursday #139 - The Challenge on Stormwalk Mountain, Part 2!

Clint Staples

A couple of weeks ago, I posted the first half of the Challenge on Stormwalk Mountain. Today I will (one day late) close out the adventure. You can read the first part, but in brief, the Brightwaters were recruited to guard the way into the Storm Realm, and to Orlanth's Stead, for a group of Rune level Heroquesters who hope to make wyverns Air creatures by binding them to the Air rune in a ritual taming of the Storm Dragon Aroka, re-enacting the deed of Orlanth during the Godtime.

The Brightwaters faced an assault by massive Krarshtvermin, and repelled and destroyed them before the portal to the Storm Realm. 

In part Two, the Brightwaters began to wonder why the tunneling krarshtvermin were attackig gin plain sight clambering up the heights of Stormwalk, and decided they should look through the portal and check the progress of the Heroquesters. Doing so, they found them engaged with a gargantuan azure dragon and beset by a band of shadowy assassins. As they looked on, one of the Heroquesters dropped from the sky, his wyvern slain.

So they sprang to the rescue, plucked the falling quester from the air before he hit the ground, and attacked the assassins, allowing the Heroquesters time to tame Aroka. Wyrmhere even petitioned his master Jagrun Khan to send aid, and the storm tiger sent one of his creatures.

Attached is the Hit Squad of Krarsht Assassins that nearly killed the Heroquesters and spoiled the entire plan.


Art for the post is by the legendary Gustav Dore.