Runequest Thursday #131 - Two More Sorcery Spells from Advanced Wizard!

Clint Staples

The last week or two I have been reworking spells from Metagaming's classic The Fantasy Trip, specifically Advanced Wizard, into my own "A New Sorcery". I have some more for this installment of Runequest Thursday.


Avert [Man, Beast]               Range – 10 Yards                  POW Check – Yes

Cost to Learn – 500L

Magnitude – Variable

Time to cast – 1 Action

Duration – 10 Rounds

This spell affects up to one target per Level of the spell. On a successful POW vs. POW contest, targets of the spell must end their movement 1d6 Yards further from the caster than they began, up to the range of the spell. Each turn, any target may make a POW vs. POW against the caster to overcome the spell, in which case they are no longer affected by it. A target who cannot move away except by running into an obstruction or danger may immediately make another POW vs. POW contest. On a fail, the target is compelled to move regardless of the danger, and may suffer its effects normally.

Avert has no other effect on its targets and they may act in all other ways as normal, even attacking the caster with whatever means they have that will reach, or fleeing until the spell’s duration is over.

Additional levels of Avert may be used to add another 1d6 to the distance they must be away from the caster, or to extend duration or range according to the Duration and Range Tracks.


Glamour [Man, Light]     Range – 3 Yards              POW Check – No

Cost to Learn – 500L

Magnitude – Variable

Time to cast – 1 Round

Duration – 15 Minutes

This spell will affect a single willing target of up to 20 SIZ, which may be the caster if he wishes. The spell creates a visual glamour, an illusory guise, that overlays and hides the normal form of the target(s) with one determined by the caster.   Each additional level may add another target of SIZ 20 or less, allow the spell to affect a larger target, or increase the perceived SIZ of the glamour, adding up to an additional 20 SIZ. Sufficient levels must be used to equal or exceed the total SIZ of the target. Additional levels not devoted to size may include another sense to be fooled by the glamour, adding hearing, scent, touch or taste, to the visual glamour. Note that, even if touch is affected, the glamour does not convey any ability to cause damage or harm, though it might alter how the damage or harm appears to be delivered. So a swordsman glamoured to appear as a gryphon might appear to attack with its claws, even as he swings his sword, but the blow, should it land, would be whatever damage the sword deals, and would appear to have been delivered by a sword.

Disbelief: The more senses included in the glamour, the less likely the spell is to be dispelled, or disbelieved. Observers may disbelieve an illusion if they suspect its true nature. They must spend an action doing so, during which they cannot defend against the Illusion [because that would defeat their attempt to disbelieve it]. If they succeed on a POW x5 the illusion becomes obvious and incapable of harming or affecting anyone. For each additional sense included, the target for the POW check is reduced by one multiple. Other factors, such as history, or realism of the setting, might also affect the check. By 1 multiple in either direction. A sorcerer who knows Illusion and chooses to disbelieve does so at POW x5 regardless of the normal difficulty.

Additional levels of the spell may be used to extend duration according to the Duration Track.


Still looking through Advanced Wizard. There might be a few more conversions to come.