Runequest Thursday #130 - More New Sorcery Spells inspired by Advanced Wizard!

Clint Staples

In last week's Runequest Thursday, I mentioned my fandom for the old Metagaming publication The Fantasy Trip, comprised of In the Labyrinth and its companion volumes Advanced Melee and Advanced Wizard. I also mentioned that I thought a lot of the spells in Advanced Wizard would convert well to my own A New Sorcery (for which you can click the attachment below to download a pdf of the core system and spells, as well as a bunch of additional spells, including the ones in this article), compiled from the numerous posts on

Last week, I converted Reveal/ Conceal. This week, I converted three more spells - all elemental in nature. And since that didn't finish scratching the Runequest-y itch I had today, I also created a Feat of Arms for Sorcerers who like Elemental manipulation.

So here goes:


Immolation [Fire]                  Range – 1 Yard                      POW Check – Yes

Cost to Learn – 500L

Magnitude – Variable

Time to cast – 1 Action

Duration – Instant

Immolation sends out a wave of fire in all directions from the caster, doing 1d6 fire damage to the total HP of all targets (friend or foe) within range of the caster on a successful POW vs. POW contest, excepting the caster herself. Protection and similar spells, and Resist Fire will reduce this damage. In the case of physical armor, use the lowest Armor the target possesses to determine the reduction. Damage is not done to a location, but only to the total HP of the target. Additional levels of the spell may be used to increase the fire damage by 1d6, or range of the Immolation by 1 yard. So a Level 4 Immolation could do 1d6 to all creatures within 3 yards of the caster, 2d6 to all within 2 yards, or 3d6 to all within a yard.

- Immolation is my version of Blast (Advanced Wizard)


Fresh Air [Air]                        Range – 10 Yards                  POW Check - No

Cost to Learn – 500L

Magnitude – Variable

Time to cast – 1 Action

Duration – 15 Minutes

Each rank of the spell delivers fresh untainted air to the one willing target, wherever she may be (underwater, in a cloud of noxious gas, entombed in the earth, etc.) for duration. Additional ranks may be used to extend the Duration according to the Duration Track.


Command Elemental [Elemental Runes, Mastery] Range – 10 Yards POW Check – Yes

Cost to Learn – 500L

Magnitude – Variable

Time to cast – 1 Action

Duration – 10 Rounds

Although sorcerers do not normally conjure true elemental beings, this spell allows the command and control of sorcerous elementals, or elemental beings on a POW vs. POW success against the elemental, or its controller if the elemental is controlled. In this way a sorcerer could wrest control of an elemental from another sorcerer, or command a true elemental that he encounters. Each rank of the spell grants the Sorcerer control of up to 10 SIZ (or one Cubic Meter if that is how the elemental is “rated”) of the elemental. If the ranks are insufficient to account for the whole of the elemental, the caster can still exert limited control over the portion he can command, reducing the SIZ, and damage of the elemental accordingly.

Additional ranks may be used to extend the duration or range according to the Duration and Range Tracks.

- Command Elemental is my veraion of Control Elemental (Advanced Wizard)


New Sorcerous Feat of Arms:


Elemental Transposition – POW 17, Sorcery 80%, Conjure/ Dismiss Elemental Spell at 80%.

Cost: 4 Hero Points, and you must train for 1d4+2 weeks with a tutor, paying what they demand.

You may spend a Hero Point to cause your body to transpose into an elemental state that matches any Conjure Dismiss Elemental you know at 80% or higher. You remain in this state for a number of rounds equal to your Manipulation Limit. For the duration you become an elemental creature of your SIZ and POW, and gain all the abilities AND limitations and vulnerabilities listed under the appropriate entry in Conjure/ Dismiss Elemental. If you interact with another element, or elemental, consult the Elemental Interactions table for details of how it affects you. If you attack with your elemental ability, you lose an equal number of temporary POW, but not SIZ or HP.


I have some more spells converted, non-elemental in nature, that I will post next week!