Oddities for a Cryogenic Chamber

William T. Thrasher

Time keeps rolling on into the future, and with any luck the future will be where we are all thawed out and revived to live out the rest of our lives. From corpsicles in cold storage to colonists in hypersleep to survivors in stasis adrift in a lifepod, cryogenic chambers are a staple of science fiction. So in the tradition of Oddities for a Malfunctioning Robot, the melting minds of d-Infinity present out next science fictional table, oddities for a cryogenic chamber!

1. The person in the chamber is the spitting image of whoever examines it first. There is a 50% chance the two characters are genetically identical as well.

2. Whoever was sealed in the chamber is long dead, freeze dried and mummified due to a faulty condenser module.

3. Within the chamber is a young flight officer who is unknowingly carrying a parasitic alien organism.

4. There is nothing unusual about the person in the chamber. However, the frost coating the interior of the chamber is actually an alien being made of living ice crystals.

5. The chamber contains a biomechanical killing machine eager to fulfill its insane programming.

6. The chamber is empty. Roll again on this table. Whatever was in the chamber awoke and left it behind shortly before the advent of the player characters.

7. Rather than containing a living creature, the chamber contains countless sealed tubes containing gene samples from countless organisms from a single planetary ecosystem.

8. The chamber contains a dormant android. The android is so realistic it emits false lifesigns.

9. The chamber contains a super-intelligent chimpanzee from a planet where apes evolved from men.

10. Within the chamber two star crossed lovers from a past age are frozen in an embrace. The two froze themselves to escape the forces which sought to keep them apart.

As always, we'll be adding to this list in the coming weeks, and you're welcome to add oddities of your own. The only limit is your imagination and the dimensions of a standard cryotube.