Oddities of Chaotic Mutation - The Giant Chaotic Vinegaroon Runequestified!

Clint Staples

I had so much fun rolling up the Chaotic Dragon, that I decided to roll up another creature afflicted with Chaotic Mutations. I rolled all the basics using the Sub-tables for Base creature, Number of Afflictions, and the afflictions themselves, then statted the result out for Runequest.

I have one confession to make. The first roll I made for Base Creature was the result - Dragon, Gryphon, or other mythical creature.

I decided to go for something a little more distinct from the Chaos Dragon, so I rerolled. This time getting a 9 on the Animal Mutation Table'. Then I got an 86, "Scorpion, Vinegaroon".

Very Cool! I chose Vinegaroon, partly because I had just worked out a whole raiding party of Scoropionfolk, but also because vinegaroons are really cool and just don't the attention that normal scorpions get in RPGs.

A vinegaroon is also known as a whip scorpion, because, instead of a stinging tail, they have a whip-like tail that SHOOTS freakin' ACID!!! And they look really freaky! With their spiked pedipalps they already appear half-chaotic and mutated. 


Runequest has a long tradition of giant bugs. And not the comparatively weebly ones of 3rd edition d&d. In Runequest, there are Praying Mantis [manti?] the size of elephants, fire ants bigger than great danes, and spiders big enough for full grown trolls to ride. In fact, trolls are the masters [or should I say mistresses] of breeding and keeping giant beetles, bugs and spiders. And where there are giant beetles, etc, there will be giant arachnids to prey on them.

Enter the Vinegaroon!

But this is an article on Chaotic Mutations, so I rolled to see how the unfortunate vinegaroon would fare when tainted by chaos. Here is what I got:

For number of Afflictions, I rolled a 5, which gave me 1d3 Mutations. I rolled a 6 on my 1d3 roll, so got tyhe full boat of three mutations. On to the specifics: I rolled 13, 120, and 52 for my d100 rolls.

How did I get 120 on d100? Good question - We had 160 mutations up on the Oddities list when I did this. SO I roll a d8. one a 1-5 I rolled on the first 100. On a 6-8 I rolled on the last 60 [I rolled percentiles and halved the tens die to get 1-5, + the other d10, for a spread of 01-60.

13. Light Bulb: Eyeballs that glow like tiny lanterns which are only dimmed when the eyes are closed. There is a 50% chance that they also provide a superior visual sense. I rolle 43 for the 50% chance of an enhanced sense.

120. Exploding: This creature explodes upon death, spraying viscera and bones in a 10 foot radius around it. Andy contagious conditions, mutations, or diseases that this creature possessed are also present in the explosion.

52. Energy Projection: Through some internal process, this creature can project energy from a sphincter, limb or orifice on a randomly determined location on the Body Location Table. Roll 1d6: 1 - Fire; 2 Cold Blast; 3 - Lightning; 4 - Necromantic; 5 - Rampant Life; 6 - roll each time the projection occurs [on another 6, choose the type. The creature is immune to the energy type that it produces. I rolled 1 on my d4 - so Fire.


SO I got a giant vinegaroon that has lampbulb eyes, shoots fire and explodes. I decided that the sense should be heat sense. And the spray of acid would be of fire instead. And the explosion - well, all that fire has to go somewhere when it dies. so Boom!

As an added bonus, I statted out the vinegaroon without the chaos mutations, as well as with. This was easy since they are all Add-Ons, if you know what I mean.  That way, you can rorment your players with either version.

Or both!