New Mutant Monday # 62 - Terror Rags

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement: 60’ (20’)
AC: 5
HD: 6
Attacks: See description
Damage: See description
Save: L6
Morale: 11
Hoard Class: Incidental

At first no one really knew what these creatures were. Some speculated they were some sort of strange fungus, some thought they were a bizarre type of nanite. It was eventually discovered that they were in fact mutated forms of plant-life, which has developed a very strange and disconcerting method of obtaining sustenance.

Radiation and toxins gifted this mutated plant with the ability to move, as well as alter its shape and color, even its texture. The plant is able to perfectly mimic any piece of clothing! It’s original shape is that of a long, leafy vine, which can be easily mistaken for other types of similar plants, and often uses these plants to ‘blend in’ so they can find prey much easier. They can be found anywhere, but are particularly fond of ruins and communities, especially those which have a lot of plant life.

They feed by creeping into homes or camps when people are unaware. They will find discarded clothing, paying particular interest in clothing that the wearer will end up using once they awaken from their slumber.

Once suitable clothing has been located, the plant will engulf it, using its digestive enzymes to destroy the garment, which they will then duplicate perfectly, right down to stains, tears, texture, markings color, you name it.

No trace of the original article of clothing will remain, leaving the unsuspecting victim entirely at the mercy of this creature. When the victim dons the clothing, nothing will happen – at least not until the victim is alone and away from possible companions. When the time is right, the plant will attack. It will first release class 11 poison; hopefully paralyzing the victim. Even if this does not work, the creature will then secrete its digestive enzymes, melting the flesh and absorbing the slurry that is left behind. This causes 3d6 points of damage per round, and if the victim is paralyzed, it can easily be utterly consumed by the plant, leaving nothing behind but white bones and anything constructed of plastic or metal.

If the victim is not paralyzed, then it can fight back, but this is a dangerous proposition. Any physical strike against the creature that is on the victim’s body will inflict half the damage on the victim (rounded down). To make it even worse, the creature gains the victim’s own AC while it is being worn. So do not don that powered armor while you are wearing the shirt that is not a shirt!

The only way to affect the creature without harming the victim is to use mental attacks or the like, otherwise see above. Considering the damage the creature can inflict, it might just be worth taking a few hits to kill it before it kills the wearer.

If the creature cannot find lone victims or the victim is never alone, then it will simply leave the victim and look for easier prey. This often leads the victim to wonder where the hell they left their pants or shirt!

After killing and feeding off the corpse (consuming at least 18 hit dice), the plant will leave and then find a suitable location to root. The plant will remain in this location, appearing to be nothing more than a leafy vine for 2d4 days. It will leave seeds behind, which will grow to full sized offspring in 8d6 days. 2d8 new plants will grow from this batch.

Mutations: Metamorph (modified), mobility, toxic weapon.