New Mutant Monday #1 - Animating Slime

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement: 10’ (3’) (or special, see below)
AC: 9
Attacks: 1 pseudo pod slap
Damage: (1d3 plus 1d6 acid)
Save: L2
Morale: 3
Hoard Class: None (special)

This fairly uncommon form of slime is in on itself not that much of a threat. The creature appears as a black oily slick only a few feet in diameter and is very slow moving and really is nearly incapable of defending itself.  The only defense it has is a pseudo pod that it can use to slap at attackers, which inflicts little damage but has a secondary acid attack that causes 1d6 points of damage for 1d4 rounds.

However, what makes the Animating Slime a dangerous creature is what it can do when it encounters robotic units or any manner of vehicle.

When it comes across such an item, whether it is fully intact or not, the Animating Slime is capable of crawling into the vehicle, where it spreads itself out throughout the interior, like wires or threads.

Once it has had the time to assimilate itself into the host vehicle or robotic unit, it then animates the item or takes it over completely, subjugating any computer or external method of control.

By doing this, the slime is able to use any weapons, modes of movement or even sensors or other equipment that might be on the item.

In game terms, the slime has the hit points, AC attacks and movement rates of any robotic unit it takes over or any vehicle it inhabits. A Tank controlled by a Animating Slime is a terrifying prospect indeed.

The only way to destroy an Animating Slime is to destroy its host, thus forcing the creature out of the wreckage and into the open, or via mental attacks.

Those who have attempted to use Vampiric Field on the slime are in for a very unpleasant and usually fatal shock. Instead of draining life from the slime, it works in reverse, the slime instead takes control of the mutation and is able to drain life from the attacker, adding the hit points to itself. The slime will not turn off the Vampiric field and will completely drain any creature using it.

Once it reaches double its usual hit points, the slime undergoes a change and splits off into a new slime, which then stays with the parent until it finds a mode of transport to call its own.

There doesn’t seem to be any limit to the size of the item or vehicle that the slime can control. There are rumours of water borne ships or even space ships that have been completely taken over by the slime and run on their own without any outside help.

These creatures do need organic material to survive and will use their ‘hosts’ to help them kill a target and then once the target is dead, the slime will retract from the host and spread out over the target and melt it away using the acid it has, feeding off the ‘soup’ that is left behind.

These creatures are indeed intelligent, and have an almost machine like efficiency with their thought process. It is speculated that the intelligence evolved from contact and controlling of artificial intelligences in the items and machines that the slime have encountered and used over the years.

Note that the statistics presented are for the slime itself, not for any item, robotic unit or vehicle it is possessing.

Mutations: Anti Vampiric field, toxic weapon.